EtherPad discussions with Catlemaine North Primary School

Over the past two weeks Year Six students have been involved in “online discussions” with students from Castlemaine North Primary School. To do this we use a web tool called EtherPad. This enables students to communicate with each other over long distance.
So far, our discussions have been centred around topics based upon segments presented by a television program Behind the News (BTN).

Last Friday’s discussion was titled “The Population Debate”. Click on the image below to view the BTN segment.


4 thoughts on “EtherPad discussions with Catlemaine North Primary School

  1. Mrs Kane, I really enjoyed talking with the other students of North Primary
    School, wish we can do it again some time!!!!

  2. Wow, what a great tool for children to discuss such important issues with students from other schools in such a simple and easy to use format. Gab enjoys this program and looks forward to the next time she uses it.

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