Anzac Day Pages In Learning Portfolio

Hopefully all students have completed their goal for last week which was to share the Anzac Day double page in their Learning Portfolio.

This included an Anzac Day brochure and printscreen of an Anzac Day Photo Story. It sould also include two quiz results and the Anzac Soldier’s Letter.

For all other work to be completed click th

e link to view the tracking sheet.

trackingsheetmaster 14th May

3 thoughts on “Anzac Day Pages In Learning Portfolio

  1. It was very intresting to do this activity because I learnt a lot from it. It was like a having a History lesson.

  2. Great presentation of the ANZAC letters, they looked authentic! I was very impressed by the before and after ANZAC quiz results. It’s such an important part of our history that should be taught to the children of today.

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