Social Networking Sites…Whose Responsibility?

There is no doubt that the average 12 year old has definite opinions on many topics and is more than capable of arguing the point when it counts. Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards to communicate an opinion challenges the most capable of students.

This week we have viewed the Behind the News segement dedicated to discussing social networking sites and related issues such as user safety and privacy.  Below are some examples of the student’s written responses to the question “Social Networking Sites-Whose Responsibility?”

 Thankyou to Jordan and Jordan, Kate, Sam, Aimee and Jared for sharing their opinions.

Jordan PJordan G


kate     JC

 Aimee's Facebook - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-25-49Sam's Social Networking - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-41-47

5 thoughts on “Social Networking Sites…Whose Responsibility?

  1. This topic has been a great learning experience for me. It has really shown me the depths and the dangers that young kids or irresponsible adults and teenagers experience on Social Networking sites. I think the made age group exposed to the dangers are children under thirteen years of age. When children are signing up for these Social Networking sites , such as Facebook, they skip over the terms and conditions which state that children under thirteen years of age should not be signing up for the site.This topic has made me realize how to be aware of the common dangers on the web.

    • Thankyou Ellie for your reply. I value your feedback. It is importannt to know that what we discuss in class has some meaning in real life.
      Mrs Kane

  2. I enjoyed this topic becuase it taught my mum and dad to be more aware of what I do on the internert and also to check my accounts. It also taught me to limit what I do and who I talk to.

  3. It is great to see the children learning about the importance of protecting themselves on social networking internet sites.

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