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Microsoft Visio… This week we used this software to create a two dimensional representation of our bedroom. We needed to base our final plan on the real dimensions of the room ( measured in metres and centimetres), the furniture  and other fixtures such as windows, doors and in one case…a peephole. We didn’t need to include such detail as the odd sock or two lurking under the bed or similar clutter.

Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Office Visio.
Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Office Visio.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Visio…

  1. I am really enjoying using Visio for the bedroom plans as well as some of the other options it gives you. I have used Visio for many things including the plan of my office for Earn and Learn.

  2. To Jordan G, well done on your Art award presented at this week’s assembly.

    Congratulations also to the soccer team and to Jack, Jared and Daniel for the presentation of the pennant.

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