How Clever Is This Script?

Speaking of the dying art of script writing, Abbott and Costello, a comedy duo straight out of the 1940’s ,  say it all. Can you  work out who is on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the other fielding positions? Listen carefully, oh..and laugh if you wish. Let me know when you have worked it out. You may be rewarded.

  This is a ‘You Tube’ video and as such can only be viewed at home.

For your information: This  very clever comedy routine  is featured in the USA’s Baseball Hall of Fame.


5 thoughts on “How Clever Is This Script?

  1. Sorry about the spelling
    First base is who second base is what third base is I don’t know the left out fielder’s name is why centre fielder is because the pitchers name is tomorrow the catchers name is today and the short stops name is I don’t care

  2. First Base: Who
    Second Base: What
    Third Base: I don’t know
    Left Out Fielder: Why
    Centre Fielder: Because
    Pitcher: Tomorrow
    Catcher: Today
    Short Stop: I don’t care

    I love the video. Mum says that she has seen them all before.

  3. OK so here I go
    1: “who” is on first base
    2: “what” is on second base
    3: “i dont know” is on third base

  4. I forgot to also add
    the left-out fielder’s name is why
    the center fielder is named because
    the catcher name is tomrrow
    and last but not least, the short stops name is i dont care

    (this is added to my first answer)

  5. who is on first, what is on second, I don’t know is on third, why is left field, because is centre field, today is catcher, tomorrow is pitcher, and I don’t care is short stop

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