A Play on Words or Playing with Words?

A play on words or is ‘Bob’ playing with words?

You be the judge. Tell me what you think and why.

 Watch the video clip.  ( Sorry once again…this cannot be viewed at school.) 



Alternatively you can obtain the video from the ‘to collect folder’ on students.

11 thoughts on “A Play on Words or Playing with Words?

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    The song is a palindrome – can be read the same way in either direction
    “race fast
    safe car”
    and the take off song by Weird Al is from Bob Dylan and “Bob” is a palindrome too.

  2. I think he is playing with words because he’s using words that exist but he’s making it sound interesting by changing another word. By the way funny song.

  3. Hi Mrs Kane,
    The song is a play on words. He uses words that can be read the same way in either way (Left to Right Right to Left). The song by Weird Al is similar to Bob Dylan’s “Bob” is a play on words too.
    Ellie N

    • Well done Karl..
      You are correct to a point…so is this a play on words or simply playing with words? You have 50/50 chance of providing the correct answer.
      Already you have earnt 2 stickers. If you can provide futher explanation in regard to the question it is worth another two stickers!
      Mrs Kane

  4. He is using word that can be read both ways right to left and left to right. He is also using phrases, the song also rhymes the card in front rhymes with the card after.( By the way I like listening to Bob Dylan and Weird Al).

  5. On evey single card the words on the card could be spelt backwards and it would say the exact same words Amazing
    Who has time to do that sort of stuff I didn’t think there could be that many words spelt backwards i thought racecar spelt backwards was really cool but UFO TUFU just incredible

    • Hello,
      Yes you are correct in saying that they are indeed words that can be read the same way ..2 stickers to you!
      Another 2 stickers if you can provide me with the word that descibes this.

      • Well done Jared!
        You have earnt yourself 3 stickers.
        I will reward you with 2 more stickers if you can explain in more detail why the wording is sooo…clever…
        Clue ask mum or dad

  6. Hi! I’m visiting your site for the first time through a link on the Blogging Challenge Blog. This video cracked me up! I’m always on the lookout for interesting educational things and this song is definitely one of a kind. Isn’t it fun that we can share things like this on the internet? I look forward to seeing what other interesting things you’ll be posting!

    Ms. Tatiana

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