One Day on Earth

One Day on Earth Participant Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.


Today we viewed this video.
As you watch the images , as you listen to the words…I wonder what you are thinking and what mesages you are receiving.

Visit the website by clicking on the image below and read about the “One Day On Earth” project. I would appreciate your thoughts and especially  those of mum and dad.

An activity worth considering? …Let me know!   


One Day On Earth - The World's Story is Yours to Tell - Windows Internet Explore_2010-09-03_20-22-13

Oh…and by the way 6B, what is a time capsule? Have a conversation with mum and dad. I’m sure they can shed some light on the subject.

11 thoughts on “One Day on Earth

  1. A time capsuale is a box or a cylinder that contians objects from the past or from the present that in the future people will open.

  2. I think a time capsule is a box or container which you put somthing that you think describes who you are and then you put it in the ground then in the future somone might come across it.

  3. A time capsule is a box or container that you put things in from the past years of your life. And then you put it in the ground and leave it for a certain amount of years.

  4. A time capsule is a box or cylinder that has things in it from the past or present time for people to open in the future to see what the things were like in the time that the capsule was placed.

  5. The time capsule can preserve what has happened recently and what has happened in the past. It can preserve objects such as writing, stamps and photos. The purpose of the time capsule is that the people that find it in the future would have a idea of what it was like in the past.

  6. A time capsule is a box that holds memories and things that have happened in your life. it gets placed under the ground and gets dug up in about 20 years.

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