A Quest for Gold

No… this post is not about winning gold at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.
It is in fact, about a quest for completion of work in the Gold Book and Gold Diary.

So mum and dad for your information…
During the past week, we have dedicated class time to the tasks related to the ‘Gold’ unit of work mentioned on the weekly tracking sheet.
I have been greatly encouraged by the fact that all students handed in their work to be scored this morning.This is always a good sign!

The standard of work could generally be described as ‘more than satisfactory’ however, in some cases, the words ‘impressive’ and ‘awesome‘ spring to mind.

And so…mum and dad, as stated for this weeks learning goal, you should look forward to the sharing of the scoring of the first few Gold Book activities.

The slide show below showcases examples of student work.



4 thoughts on “A Quest for Gold

  1. Your work is impressive 6B. My class would love to see your work in real life. they were in awe of the colouring in and the way each one was different. Well done. We can not wait to see more of your terrific work. Go for the GOLD!

  2. Dear Mrs. Kane,

    I have found that the work of Gold has made me want to work on it more as it is fun and a creative way to learn history.

    Now this next comment is not realted to this at all, but I have heard from Kate and Isobel, that we have to leave 10 comment on a different schools blog. Isobel told me that Kate knew what blog I had to leave it on, but Kate has know idea on whos I have to blog on. So do I just leave it?

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