Six Faces of Australia

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One of the first writing tasks we undertook in class this year was to write on the topic ‘What being Australian means to me’.
The ‘Week 3 Class Blogging Challenge’ is somewhat similar to this.

It requires you to share something on your blog that would give an international visitor to your site an idea about ‘What being Australian means to me’.

So…your task is to produce a cube that depicts images that are typically Australian and have meaning for you… images that represent the place where you live, sports,holidays, favourite places or places you have travelled to with your family.

Choose wisely because you are asked to  justify your choices.

2 thoughts on “Six Faces of Australia

  1. Hello Year 6B 2010 Class. Some of you have been visiting our class blog at We love learning online and our blog is a way we get to do that and then discuss what we think about things. It’s great to have more students join us!

    We are in southern California (USA) and it is really neat to connect with your class all the way over in Australia! Wow! Isn’t the internet cool?

    Our group thinks your Australian cube project is really fun and we look forward to seeing what you create!

    Ms. Tatiana and students

  2. Hi Grade 6B, my class has really enjoyed working on the cube although at times some found it quite frustrating. Some of the students have finished and commented on your blogs. It is great that our class in Gisborne can communicate with your class. We look forward to hearing back from you.
    Mr Kane-Grade 5/6B

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