Gold Diary…quality vs quantity

As a class we have spoken many times about the ‘craft of writing’.
Powerful writing creates a strong image and stirs emotions in the mind of the reader.

In this, your second Gold Diary entry, you must do just that.
Can you put into words what it must have been like for many who travelled to Australia in search of fortune, in search of a better life?

Those that left their home and families behind knowing that there was little hope of returning to their loved ones.

Can you capture that moment?
Can you?

3 thoughts on “Gold Diary…quality vs quantity

  1. Hello from Canada,
    It’s so nice to have been seeing your comments! My students are away for a few days and will be happy to see the comments when they come back.
    One thing I wanted to mention is that several students have left comments recently without the url, or the name of your class, and we had not been able to track them down. Now that I see the blogroll I will be happy to go back and insert them into the comments.
    My students sometimes forget to leave their url, or make an error, so I’ve suggested that they always sign off with the name of our class blog so that people can find the student by “googling” the class name.
    Mrs. Theriault
    All Things Quebec.

  2. Mrs Kane,

    I have found that the Gold Diary is a great way to learn about the gold rush, improve on our “rich writing” skills and have fun at the same time! It is interesting to learn about how things were done back in 1853.


  3. Mrs. Kane,
    When I tried to leave a comment on Gabbie’s blog this evening, the form would not take my message. It kept prompting me to input the anti-spam word, but there was not anti-spam word or box to fill in.
    I noticed that she doesn’t have any messages and that might be why.
    Mrs. Theriault

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