The Weekly Tracking Sheet

The ‘Weekly Tracking Sheet’ outlines for students the learning activities that will take place during the coming week in class.  It also contains a weekly goal that you are expected to achieve.

Just as importantly, it is to used as a tool  to  monitor your ability to keep ‘on track ‘  in relation to the completion of classroom tasks. 

Are you  managing your learning?

27 thoughts on “The Weekly Tracking Sheet

    • Alex,
      Well done!
      Hopefully your homework plan will take care of the few overdue items you have on your tracking sheet.
      Mrs Kane.

    • That is great news Grace.
      I guess that means that you are not going to become one of those ‘camels’ we talked about today in class.
      Keep up the good work!
      Mrs Kane

  1. Erin,
    it sounds to me as if you are on the right track.
    Remember to try and stick to your homework plan. It will make life in Grade 6 much more rewarding.
    Well done,
    Mrs Kane.

  2. Hi mrs Kane

    It is great to see that the grade 6 class blogs are already up.

    It is really interesting and funny to look back and see others doing what I was doing last year.

    Because last year it was just like oh thats me but now its like oh thats mini mes it is like Im going back in time

  3. Hello Ellie,
    It is great to hear from you.
    You are quite right… it hasn’t taken us long to get down to the business of class blogs. I guess that you are aware that the Global Student blogs will be no longer operating by the end of this term. Did you save some of your blog work from last year? I hope so.
    Keeping visiting us Ellie,

    Mrs Kane

  4. Oh Really, that is a shame for the grade sixes but I am sure they were excited to get one.
    Anyway thanks for reminding me because I havent saved any of my work yet so I will get on to that right now.



    I will keep visiting the site and Salesian has a day of on wednesday the 27th of April Because it is a tradition so I will come and visit the school on that day. See and speak to you soon.

  5. I was Just looking at the slide show on the blog, H ave the kids got there netbooks already?, if so that was quick,

    Boy you and Mr. Rogers are super organised this year.

  6. Yes, the tracking sheet does help me to see the work that I have done and the work I still have to do. It makes me happy.

  7. I guess that I’m doing pretty well with my homework cause I only have two more things in the grey area on my tracking sheet is to highlight off.

  8. Hi Carol,
    I just wanted to say how great it was to take part in the parent evening last night. It was great to use the netbooks and get a better understanding of all of the hard work and concentration that goes on in the grade 6 classroom. I’ve highlighted as much as I could on my tracking sheet and was super impressed with the speed at which the children can do their tables. Well done and thanks for the invite!

    • Dear Melanie,
      thank you for your comment. It helps us when it comes to planning similar events in the future. Oh..and well done! Great job in regard to the tracking sheet.
      Carol Kane.

  9. Mrs. Kane
    I believe that I’m keeping up with my work quite easily however I been working on things at home. I like the tracking sheet because it is a really good way of knowing what you need do and a great record of what you have and haven’t done, just like a check list.

    • Thank you for your coment Elise.
      It is good to know that you are keeping up with the work load. It will make your Year 6 experience more rewarding and enjoyable. I have been impressed with the effort you are applying to tasks. Your mini poster is looking great!
      Keep up the fantastic work.
      Mrs Kane.

      • Yes I must say that my mini poster is looking great especially now that it is presented in my learning portfolio. I hope that grade six is a great year as it is the last year of primary school so that I will remember it forever.

  10. Mrs Kane,

    I was overdue at many occasions this week. I was forced to stay at lunchtime and get photo’s from my netbook. If I didn’t have the tracking sheet it would be much harder to remember what I need to do. I now have nothing overdue and am feeling quite pleased.

    Thanks, Finn.

    • Thank you Finn for your comment and your honest feedback.
      You may have felt like you were forced to stay in but ultimately, you were the one who made the effort.
      Your persistence has paid off… well done!
      Mrs Kane.

  11. On our new tracking sheet I am up to date with everything except for the photos that have to go on our prep buddies page and school activities. I have been up to date with pretty much everything this year and I hope that I can keep it up.

    • Mercedes,
      Yes… I have noticed that you are keeping on top of things and taking responsibility for your learning.
      Although year six can be a challenging year, it can also be a rewarding one.
      Keep up the great work.
      Mrs Kane

  12. Thanks Mrs Kane, I do think that I am keeping up with almost everything on my new tracking sheet especially because it’s the same one as everyone else. Hopefully like every one else I have almost completed all of my homework.

  13. Hi Mrs Kane
    I m keepig up with almost all of my work in the grey section. and some of the stuff in the whitensection. I think through out the year I will keep up with all my work.

  14. Well done Lauren,
    This means that idea of being able to track your learning is working…and so are you! Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Kane.

  15. Finally I have nearly finished all of the grey section on my tracking sheet all I have to do is get most of my school activities photos on my page.

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