Classroom full of energy

This week we launched into our unit of work “Energy”.

Students were asked to draw their answers to the question” How does power get to your house?”

Tell me…how accurate do you think your drawing was?

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    • Erin,
      Thank you for responding to my question. Please tell me which part of your drawing do you think was accurate and why. What information were you unsure about?
      Mrs Kane

  1. I think although I got the power line fact correct, I had absolutely no idea about coal, nuclear and hydro energy, so it was not very accurate at all.

    • Thank you Luke for your comment.
      It was very specific. Well done!
      This is a skill that I hope other students will strive for.
      I gather from your comment that you have learnt something in class today…hopefully others have gained from our class discussion.
      Perhaps you can explain to your parents the meaning of my comment…”the silence was deafening”…or can you?
      If you post a reply to this question ( even if you have to talk about this with mum or dad) you shall be rewarded.
      Thanks again Luke,
      Mrs Kane.

  2. The term “the silence was deafening” means that the silence is really obvious and horrible.
    I hope that is right.

    • Hello Luke,
      Well done…and yes, sometimes silence is not what you want to ‘hear’ during a class discussion.
      Your contributions to our discussion over the past few days have been extremely thoughtful. By the way Luke, did you know that the saying
      ” the silence is deafening” is known as an ‘oxymoron’?
      I wonder who in our class can explain what that is!
      Mrs Kane

  3. My drawing could have been a little bit more detailed and I thnk the paragraph of the journey may have been a little small.

  4. Dear Mrs Kane, oxymoron is a phrase that two words of contradictory meaning are used together like a ‘wisefool’. From Grace.

    • You are correct Elise…well done.
      I’m not sure how many wise fools there are in the world but I’m sure that there are some. I guess that they would enjoy eating cold hotdogs and they probably live on house boats.

      Mrs Kane

  5. Mrs Kane,
    My drawing was not accurate at the start I didn’t know anything about electricity but now I know a lot more about the two types of energy.

  6. My drawing was fairly good, and I knew a fair amount of how the electricity gets to your house. But if I were to do it now there would be much more on the page.

  7. Mrs Kane,
    Energy is a really interesting topic as I am learning thing that I don’t even know! I believe that the idea of an energy sources poster will be interesting and great fun and I can’t wait to start one. With my first A3 sheet I got a lot down on how energy get to your house, however, I wasn’t very confident if it was right or not. Now that we as a class have disscused the topic I am confident and now I now two new energy sorces one being biomass and two being geothermal.

  8. My drawing wasn’t very close to correct even though I didn’t have as much as some other people. But now I know much more than I started off with. There is so much to learn about energy like how the non renewable energy and renewable energy is made into electricity.

  9. Mrs. Kane,

    The energy topic is great fun to research about. On my poster I had no clue about how energy gets to my house. However now if you asked me to do it again I would have a much more specific and detailed poster. The energy sources were fasinating to research abot, since I now know 9 different types. Before I only knew 3. The silence will no longer be deafening.

    Thanks, Finn

  10. At the start of learning about energy some of the things I drew were right. But after slowly working through each source of energy I have come to understand what it is and where it comes from. In most ways energy is formed is they burn it, then put it in water to form steam, the steam rises which spin a turbine, when the turbine rotates it spins a shaft and the shaft spins the gearator to create electricity.

    • Well done Tom.
      It seems you understand the process of electricity production.
      Thank you for your comments.
      Oh.. and you are correct thanks to you and others…the silence is no longer deafening.
      Mrs KAne

  11. The slide shows a lot of our great work sliding through each picture taken by Mrs Kane. some of the work on there looks great.

  12. I think that it was a very good idea to make all of us draw and write about how we think power gets to our house. I wish that I new a bit more about the question when we were drawing it because my page didn’t have much on it and wasn’t very detailed. I hope that if we have to do it again, then I will know a bit more than I did before.

  13. Know I am glad that we did all of that about energy know that we are doing energy houses it really helps because now we know a bit before we started.

  14. I think that my picture was way off and that I needed to learn a lot about energy. I forgot were the energy comes from all together.

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