Parent Information Evening…a back to the classroom experience.

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those parents who attended last Thursday’s information evening.  Hopefully it gave you a snapshot of what might constitute part of a normal school day for your child.

I was greeted on Friday morning by some very excited children who had been told by their mum or dad that they had earned them a ‘your-time’ sticker…an added bonus!

Others were equally excited or entertained by the fact that mum or dad were put to the test by the infamous ‘tablemaster’ challenge and ‘that tracking sheet’.

How did you manage your learning?

Dear Students,

For those students whose mum or dad attended the evening,, you had some ‘thinking hat’  reflection you had to gather from your parents.

And for you Tom… below is a direct link to the parent tracking sheet used on Thursday night.  Ironically I had to retrieve it from my recycle bin on my desktop.

Parent Work tracking

12 thoughts on “Parent Information Evening…a back to the classroom experience.

  1. Thanks for the insight. Unanswered questions. Will endeavor to gain an acceptable response in due course. thanks

  2. Mrs Kane,
    Even though my mum or dad didn’t come to the parent information evening it sounded like everyone had a great night. Good job to everyone that succeeded in completing the table master and highlighted everything off on their tracking sheet.

  3. Mrs Kane
    I think that to see my mum or dad do table master would be interesting as they know there tables but are not very fast. Unfortunatly my parents couldn’t come as we went to house imformation night at Salesian. Hopfully next time this or when another thing comes up we might be lucky.

    • Hello Elise,
      Yes parents are very busy people who often can’t be in two places at once.
      ( I know this because I am one…a parent that is.)
      But…there is nothing preventing you from challenging them to a table master duel.
      HINT: Pick a time when they appear to be really tired or easily distracted. That way you will have the upper hand.
      Mrs Kane.

      • Hello Again Mrs Kane
        Yes I will defainatly try that, as in my goal I said that I would take a table master sheet home and practice. Plus may if I was to race someone I will get tence just like in class. Although it is a good thing as that is what forces me to race as I’m a very compeditive person.

  4. I think that if my mum and dad had of come they would have had a great time. However they had already gone last year for Jack.

    • Hello Grace,
      I agree that mum and dad would have had a great time and yes, I am sure that they learnt a lot by sharing Jack’s journey through Grade 6.
      However Grace…
      there is nothing to stop you from presenting mum and dad with the ‘table master’ challenge.
      Mrs Kane.

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I think that it is an interesting way to show our erants what we are doing at school and what it is like to be a child in grade 6. Mum said she did well at the tabel master but I think I would do better.

  6. Mrs Kane,
    My dad used to be like grade 6 must be easy now but on the night he found out that it isn’t actually just coloring in and playing games and for the next few days I asked him if he had homework and he denied it even though I knew he did.

  7. Know I know were me and my brothers get the lying from I asked dad if he had homework and he said no and he doesn’t listen to teachers so I had to tell him that he shouldn’t do that but he ignored me.

  8. Finally something my dad isn’t to good at going back to school. I think that my dad should have showed me his homework at first and instead of highlighting his tracking sheet he just put a tick next to the things he had done. So if he tells one of us off for not listening in class we can tell him off to.

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