When Footballers Came To Visit

When three rookie footballers from the Essendon AFL team came to visit they were greeted by a sea of curious faces.
The students were asked to pose questions around the concepts of persistence, organisation, self-sacrifice, peer group pressure and discipline.
Some children were most surprised to learn that there is more to being a league football player than playing football.

What was the one thing  you learnt that impressed you or surprised you?





25 thoughts on “When Footballers Came To Visit

  1. Well to me the most important thing they said was that they had to go to training at seven in the morning and train six days a week. The commitment they make is amazing.

  2. What I thought was interesting is that to recover they have to have many ice baths and after there baths they had to stretch.

  3. The thing I was most impressed with about the Essendon football players were how many times they train a week. I am also surprised with how much commitment they put into their career.

  4. Mrs. Kane,

    I think the Essendon session was interesting to see how they train and play. My question was : “Do you ever do informal training?”
    I was not surprised to hear that they train 6 days a week, but in fact that Micheal Quinn left Ireland, and all his family and friends at the age of 18. I hope he enjoys football, because I would be annoyed to leave Australia for something I don’t enjoy.
    I think that Tyson Slattery made the correct desicion to choose footy over basketball because he is quite a good player.
    It is good that they keep a part time job for their after career.
    It was quite an interesting talk.

    Thanks, Finn.

  5. I was surprised that before the Essendon payers actually train they have to be at the club an hour and a half earlier, I didn’t think it was that long.
    I felt really, really lucky that I was the only one that got something signed and that the rest of the grades 5 and 6’s get a photo copied signature.

  6. I think the fact that they train 6 days a week almost all day and they have ice cold baths they put in a lot in. I dont think I would do all that.

  7. I thought it was startling that the footballers had to arrive so early before even training started, as well as the sacrifices that were made.

  8. How do they get up out of bed that early and get there 90 minutes before training starts. I asked a question, my question was how does the coach motivate you before a game. The answer was that they have a midfield coach, a forward coach and a back line coach. It was very educational to listen to the Essedon footballers.

  9. I didn’t think they’d train for so long, I could’nt handle 50 hours a week plus arriving 90 minutes before training starts.
    I thought that footballers didn’t have jobs apart from football witch is a career, I was surprised that one of them is a plumber.
    I wanted to ask a question and had my hand up the whole time and they didn’t pick me to speak, I wanted to ask when they prefer to play a game (during the day or at night).

  10. I was surprised about how much time they put in to play football. How they train for nine hours a day, six days a week. What also surprises me is that they always train before club training.

  11. When I heard that Michael Quinn left all of his family and friends at the age of 18 just to play football I think it was pretty amazing and this is just one of the massive sacrifices that footballers give up in their lives.
    Training 6 days a week for very long sessions is suprising, it must be so tiring as when I do dancing on a Monday for an hour then again on Tuesday I get exhausted I can’t even imagiane 6 days in a row. I think that to sit and listern to the 3 football players was really intersting, thanks for coming.

  12. I learnt a lot of things about what football players have to give up to play football. I can’t believe that they have to bee up at seven in the morning to have training for ages. I was very interested in what they had to say and I’m glad they came.

  13. Mrs Kane,
    One of the things that surprised me when the footballers were talking was that they are not allowed to eat junk food. But one of them said that if their lucky they will get a pizza after a game.

  14. Mrs Kane
    I think it is good that we had a chance to meet this footballers even if they are only rookies but it is an good opportunity to see what they do for trannng and when they play games.

  15. Hi Mrs Kane
    I thought that the surprised me most was that the footballers usually get there 90 minutes before training.

  16. I think that the message that got to me the most is that if you want to be good at sports then you have to be commited instead of getting there half an hour later and not being ready to train.

  17. The thing that impressed me the most was that they had to put so much commitment into football like they had to eat properly and they had to skip parties for football becaues they might have a game the next day.

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