Renewable Energy…your opinion

Having an opinion is something that is encouraged in our classroom: being able to express your ideas and challenge those of others.

This week we have used a variety of information sources to inform our attitudes toward the question “Renewable Energy or Fossil Fuels?”

Another resourcejust added )   Pros and cons of energy sources.

Below I have created a number of simple polls. All of them pose skinny questions.

Complete each of the polls and leave a comment telling me which of the polls was the most difficult to respond to and why. You may also choose to respond to the comments of others.



22 thoughts on “Renewable Energy…your opinion

  1. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think that is a great way to test people and to see what the majority of people are thinking about energy. Not that I have seen but I think no other blogs has posed a question like that. Also another way of telling people what we are learning at school. I think the most difficult question was the one saying should we worry about global warming I said yes but still I’ m not quite sure about the right answer.

  2. Hello Zoe,
    thank you for your comment.
    I have a follow up question. You have said that it was difficult to make a decision about global warming. Yes or No? Is there something that we discussed in class that makes it difficult to give a ‘Yes or No’ answer? To answer this question you may need to review the two videos we watched last week. ..extra research for you. I understand that you may take some time to get back to me.
    Thank you again Zoe,
    Mrs Kane.

  3. I think the most difficult question to answer was should we be worried about global warming I chose no as I think that we should not be worried about global warming because according to the graphs we looked at at school it has been allot hotter in the past than the temperature now and all the ice did not melt then.

  4. Dear Mrs Kane
    I to beleive that the global warming question was the hardes to answer I said no because the same thing has been happening for years and years now. However I still think that I need to do a bit more research on that question.

  5. To Mrs. Kane
    The first two questions were quick and easy but the question about the global warming was a bit trickier. My answer was yes. We should be concerned about global warming because its a big thing around. Yes global warming is good because if there was no global warming we wouldn’t be alive.

  6. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    I also thought that the global warming question was the hardest. I choose no. Like Alex said, over the past years the temperature has been hotter and the ice has not melted. I still think I need some more research on the question though.
    Thanks, Charlotte

  7. I also think the globe warming question was hard. I said no to the question because of the movie Mr. Rogers showed us thatsaid it was not our fault globe warming was happening. It is caused by the sun.

  8. Hi Mrs Kane,
    As well as everyone else I to thought that the global warming question was the trickiest. I said ‘yes’ but I’m not entirely sure that it is correct. However I think that I still need to do a little bit more research.

    • Hello Mercedes,
      thank you for your comment… and all of your other comments as well.

      I agree that research further is needed in regard to question number 2.
      What about the third question?
      Mrs Kane.

  9. I have to agree that that the hardest question was the question about ‘Global Warming.’ I said no because the tempreture is always changing from sunspots. However the only reason it was hard because Mr. Rogers showed us two different clips that shows us two completely different stories.

  10. We answered all of the questions and thought that they were pretty easy except for the global warming one just like everyone else said. Can you please give us some more questions to answer?.

  11. Hi Mrs Kane
    I would say that two out of three of those questions are skiny. However the global warming question was definatly the hardest as there are good thing about global and bad things too.

  12. Mrs Kane
    Yes I did learn different things from those videos. First of all I thought that we where causing global warming now, after seeing the video I was sitting on a fence but when I was answering the question I remembered it was from the internet. Even though its presentation was good and the decriptive language was good I still thought anybody could create that.

  13. Zoe and Mercedes,
    I am posing a couple of questions, but as you know when I am posing a question to a few I am asking the question to all students.
    So…here they are.
    Questions #1and #2 Did you answer the third question about nuclear power plants?
    If so, did you carry out any research before you gave me your answer or did you guess?
    Question #3 This is a mathematical question. If you look at the results of each of the polls. Why is the % of Yes/No answers to the second question more equal?
    I look forward to your reponses.
    Mrs Kane.

  14. Dear Mrs Kane
    Yes I believe that the global warming question is more equal, however that is just what I think I don’t know if it is really right.

  15. Hi Mrs KAne
    Yes Mrs Kane I did guess while answering that question then I went back and researched it and found out that the answer is actually no there is only a low reactor not apower plant.

  16. Mrs Kane
    The reason why becase if you look at the first question it s rather skiny and one person has voted no whilsted everybody else has voted yes because we had been talking about it in class. The last question about is there any power plant in Australia everybody gussed that we did because we are a country so to get that power we need a power plant but realy that fact is not true. The other question nobody realy noes the right or wrog answerso they would go by what they think.

  17. I did some research on the third question Mrs Kane and most of the results ahve been that there are not any nuclear power plants in Australia.

  18. Mrs Kane,
    I also did some research on the third question and now I don’t think that there are any nuclear power plants in Australia.

  19. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think the hardest question to answer was about the nuclear power plant because alot of people said it was yes and all of my family no so I thought it was hard to decide what answer to pick.

  20. I think that it was hard answering the question about the nuclear power plant because alot of people think that there is and some more think that there isn’t.

  21. I think that the hardest question to answer properly was about the global warming because I looked at the results and some people said yes and the others said no so I didn’t know wether to say yes or no so I thought about those videos we watched and how some towns will be under water if global warming keeps going.

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