Gisborne McDonalds

To be or not to be?…that was the question. This week we used the program “Type with me” to engage in an online dicussion.

You were asked to form an opinion after researching the topic.
This was the result.
Gisborne McDonalds  Yes or No?

So…what do you think now? Yes I know, another skinny question that requires some FAT thinking.


35 thoughts on “Gisborne McDonalds

  1. I dont think we should have a McDonalds because McDonalds uses Palm Oil and statistics show that 80% of people will be obese by 2020 and not having just one McDonalds can make that percentage maybe 0.0001 smaller.

    • Hello Kyla,
      Congratulations on providing a very thoughtful comment.
      Where did you get your information about Mac Donalds using palm oil?
      I would also like to know where your statistics about obesity came from?
      By the way…do you know how you would write the decimal fraction 0.0001 as a vulgar fraction?
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Dear Mrs Kane this is a great way to find out what we believe. I said no becuase if we do have MacDonalds in Gisborne heaps of people will come here and there will be even more litter then there is now. Also towns that do have Macdonalds are normally more obese than towns without Mcdonalds.

    • Hello Grace,
      I understand your argument and many would agree with you.
      If I were to challenge your thinking I might ask you these questions.
      Assuming that we are less obese as a community than others, why is that so? We already have many other ‘take away’ food outlets in Gisborne
      Food for thought! Oh..and whose responsibity is it to make decisions about what children eat?
      What do you or others think?
      Mrs Kane

      • Hello Mrs. Kane and Grace,
        I think it is our responsibility to make our decisions on what food we eat. Although if you just make your own decisions on what you eat and your parent’s don’t help you, you could get obese or very un healthy because no one has to tell you that you have to eat healthy to live and be fit and happy!

  3. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    The answer to that question for me is no because…
    • McDonalds is very unhealthy for people and can make them obese if they continue to eat it more then once a week.
    • people that live in Gisborne will be more tempted to go to McDonalds now if it is in Gisborne instead of going 15 or 25 minutes away to Sunbury or the Calder freeway.
    • Children walking home from school could also go in and have McDonald’s food every day as the cost is very low.
    thanks, Charlotte

  4. Hello Charlotte,
    thankyou for your comment.
    You opinion is very much the same as Grace’s opinion.
    I posed a question to Grace and others…what do you think? You will need to read my reply to Grace.
    Mrs Kane.

  5. Mrs Kane,
    I said no because I think that more people will get obese and very unhealthy if you always eat it. Also, I don’t want a mac donalds because Gisborne will get very dirty because of all the littering around the place.

  6. Definately NO for Maccas. If we had a Macdonalds in Gisborne, there would be littering, racket and business stolen from the minor caf’es and restaurants that make up our town.

  7. Mrs Kane I think that with the other takaway places you cant just drive through and with Mcdonalds you can easily and quickly just drive through and order.
    It is the parents responsibility for what there children eat and parents will think that Mcdonalds would be easy.

  8. Hi mrs Kane
    I did the question and I think that we shoud not have MacDonalds in Gisborne as it wiill bring jobs for a few people however it will make a whole lot of small companys run out of bissness and go broke. However as you have responded to grace about the fact that why is our town not obese aready as we have other take away joints? Well Ithink that is true and that some people are already obese as they eat these all the time but other eat reasonable amount not often. Which leaves me sitting on a fenece as there are good thing about it and bad ones too.

  9. When I researched on McDonalds I found several sights that informed me McDonalds amitted to using Palm Oil. I found out about the obeisity because I looked up the contribution to obeisisty McDonalds is creating and thats when I found the percentage. I think that you write it like this, 0.1

  10. Hi Mrs Kane think that we should not have McDonalds in gisbourne as other take away food shops in gisborne will have to shut down because they will run out of money with no customers. and it is also very unhealthy.

  11. Hi Mrs kane
    I don’t wont a MacDonalds in gisbourne as we already have heaps off other take away shops. If we do get a mac Donalds in gisborne there would be more litter and we are a smaller town then places like sunbry. Get rid of Mac Donalds.

  12. I don’t recon we shold because we have alot of mcdonalds litter from sunbury imagine how much more there would be if it came to gisborne. and alot of people in gisborne are already obese.

  13. Mrs Kane,

    I think McDonalds is a fantastic place to get a job and to raise money for charity and will supply people with 120 jobs, however, the place is infested with fat! In the ‘food’ there was 75 grams of fat; 3 times as much as the daily intake!
    If McDonalds comes Gisborne will no longer be a small town, who knows what will appear next: KFC, Red Rooster or Hungry Jacks? I never eat McDonalds, it tastes like plastic.
    I do not want McDonalds anywhere near Gisborne.

    Thanks, Finn.

  14. Dear Mrs Kane
    I agree with Grace and Charlotte with there comments about how McDonalds will make more people in Gisborne obese.

  15. I believe that we should not have MacDonalds in Gisborne because wherever it settles, litter is found absolutely everywhere and we already have enough litter as it is. As soon as MacDonalds comes, so will KFC, Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks will all come with it. Soon enough with all the major fast food, all the local fast food shops will be driven out of bussiness and would it be so hard to drive down to Bachus Marsh or Sunbury. MacDonalds is already everywhere.

  16. i think we shouldhave macdonalds in gisborne because it will enploy up to 120 people and because their is a lot of people in gisborne so we can have more chocie inn what we eat.i agree on that it is not healthy but people will not eat it every single day

  17. Mrs Kane,
    my opinion is not to have Mc Donalds in Gisbourne because it’s fattening and all junk food. If Mc donalds comes than shorly all the other take away places like Hungry jacks, KFC and Red Ruster will want to make business as well.

  18. i think we should have a McDonalds in Gisborne because it will keep the town growing and also for those people who dont want McDonalds they dont have to eat it.

  19. I think no because Macdonalds paper will be all around Gisborne but if Mac’s can to Gisborne it will make jobs for peolpe.

  20. I don`t want a McDonalds in Gisborne because my research shows that the Macedon ranges council have received 7,799 peoples signatures against having McDonalds in Gisborne.

  21. i believe we should have a McDonalds in Gisborne because it will keep the town growing and also for those people who dont want McDonalds they dont have to eat it.

  22. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think that if we have McDonalds in Gisborne then most people will get addicted to it so then we will have it more often and get fatter.

  23. I think that we should get MacDonald’s in gisborne because it will give allot of people jobs, they will help with charities and they may even bring tourists to gisborne anyway it’s not like you have To go eat there.

  24. In my opinion I think that a MacDonald’s in gisborne is unecessary. We have enough take away restaurants in Gisborne, besides its one of the biggest fatty food producers ever! Yes their is the employment factor, but still how many people are hired any way 6-7?

  25. I agree Wesley; McDonalds will only give 6-7 people a job there. We have enough fast food Restaurants in Gisborne already why would we need another one. All it is doing it getting more people fat and putting more litter in Gisborne!
    Also Maddy, we no there is already litter in Gisborne so bringing McDonalds to Gisborne is making more!

  26. That’s right Charlotte, it will mean that more people will litter all around all of Gisborne. And yes, I also think that we already have enough restaurants in Gisborne compared to some other places. I can’t believe that some people ACTUALLY want a McDonalds in Gisborne.

  27. Hi Mrs Kane
    I asked my mum and my brother what they thought and James said that we should and if people don’t want to go there they don’t go there and if they do they can. I also asked my mum and she said that we should only if I never ask to go there.

  28. I still don’t think that Gisborne should have McDonalds but some people I know can’t wait for it to come to Gisborne and that I should be excited to but I am not.

  29. It was very interesting to see the number of students against McDonalds in Gisborne. I agree that if people want McDonalds, they can drive to Sunbury to purchase it. As a matter of interest has anyone ever seen the story on Today Tonight where someone has been walking around for 10 years with a burger in their bag and purchased a fresh one from Macca’s. They didn’t look very different from each other due to the high amount of preservatives in their products. So it’s not just the fat, litter and business they will take away from our existing businesses that is a concern!!!! It also doesn’t make sense to invite junk food outlets in after all the work we do to teach our children to eat ‘healthy’ which seems to be working from what I am reading. Great to see so many thinking about what they are putting into their bodies.

  30. Thankyou Danielle,
    It is always valuable to gain an opinion from the perspective of a parent. After much discussion, many of the Year 6 students had similar ideas to your own.
    It will be interesting to see what impact Mc Donalds has upon our local business.
    I don’t think that any of the students actually thought about that as one of the impacts a GIsborne Mc Donalds might have on our local community.
    Carol Kane.

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