7 thoughts on “Something to do this Sunday…

  1. Hello Mercedes,
    thankyou for your prompt reply. I am busy too but it does sound as if it might be a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday.
    Mrs Kane

  2. It does look like fun, I wish I had gone. Mrs Kane the book ‘The night they stormed Eureka’ that you lent me might have been there. Its a really great book.

  3. Hi Mrs Kane

    Maddi and I are planning to come to school on thursday the 7th of april because we both have the day off of school.

    See you then

    Regards Ellie

  4. I agree it would have been great fun but I can’t go as my brother has karate grading which they do once a term and this term it is going to be on Sunday in one of their gyms 20 minutes away but I can’t remeber the name.

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