Prep buddy tabloid sports afternoon..Congratulations Year 6!

Never work with children or animals…apparently sound advice for some.
But look what happens when children work with children…especially when Year 6 students work with their Prep buddies.

What did you learn from this experience Grade 6?  Did you enjoy the afternoon’s activity?

28 thoughts on “Prep buddy tabloid sports afternoon..Congratulations Year 6!

  1. I learnt that you should never expect everything to go as planned. We had to cut things out of our obstacle course depending on how fast or slow the kids went, so we definetly used the habit of mind ‘thinking flexibly.’ However it was tonnes of fun and the kids had fun.

    • Hello Jack,
      A very thoughtful comment!
      It was obvious that the prep children enjoyed your activity.
      We talked about the importance of ‘thinking flexibly’. Well done for taking that advice.
      In any one day, in an occupation such as teaching ( by the way…you took on the role of teacher) you would need to continuously make such decisions.
      It is often referred to as thinking on your feet. That means that although you have planned carefully…you need to change your plans at short notice.
      Fantastic work Jack!( pass this on to your group)
      Mrs Kane

  2. I do agree with you Jack however our activity worked out really well. We had a great time doing this activity especially as I got to demonstrate. There are some great photos there and I can’t wait to put them in my portfolio.

  3. Hello Grace,
    Fantastic group work!
    The photos in slide show is evidence of the success of your activity.
    And yes…you will have some memorable images to include in your portfolio.
    Mrs Kane.

  4. I agree Grace,
    our activity was excellent, however we had to cut things off, but I think it made it better. I liked it a lot because I got to demonstrate a few times. I think the photo of me pushing Mrs. McConville and Tess will go in my portfolio as well as a few of me and some other preps to remember for a long time.

  5. I learnt that preps are less intelligent than you think. Our activity had to be completely changed. It started off as a team handball footy game, then turned into a game of throwing and kicking whilst using your team mates.

  6. Luke,
    I am guessing that by your comment you mean that you thought that the preps would be able to handle the skills involved in your game.
    I am glad that your group had the intelligence to cater for their skill level by lowering your expectations and modifying the game.
    Mrs Kane

  7. Hi Mrs Kane
    Yes I must say the day was a great success and so much fun. I learnt that as much as you can be confident in a prep their still learning. So next time I think that if I ever were to do something like or the same again we should make it less complicated even though they believe in themselves. Although once the preps got the idea it was great fun.

    • Hello Elise,
      It is interesting that you have said “we should make it less complicated”.
      Your comment talks about changing your expectations which is what we discussed today in class.
      Great thinking!
      Mrs Kane.

  8. Hi Mrs Kane,
    The prep buddy tabloid sports was a very fun activity and I’m sure that all of the preps enjoyed it too. I learnt that preps need very clear instructions and that you may need to repeat it twice. I also learnt that all of the preps have different abilities.

    • Mercedes,
      I am glad that you have learnt the value of providing specific instructions.
      This will come in handy early next term.
      Mrs Kane.

      P.S. I am glad that you enjoyed the activity. It probably is because you were well planned.
      But the way what do the letters P.S. stand for and what does it mean?
      Mrs Kane.

  9. I think the way we went about planning the whole prep buddys tabloid sports thing was way better than just making up games and going out and doing them even though it was way more work. In the end I think the whole thing worked out to plan. I think the preps also had a great time doing most of the activitys.

    • Hello Tom,
      Your comment reminds of a very ‘old fashioned saying’. That is…”If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing well”.
      And that is exactly what you did on Friday. So once again…Congratulations!
      Mrs Kane.

  10. Mrs Kane I actually thought that the preps would go slower on our obsticle course however they were really fast. It might have been because they wanted another go on the tyre. Anyway they seemed to be enjoying it either way which was very exiting to see.

    • Hello Grace,
      So this is something you might remember for next time. Oh…and there will be a next time, probably in Term 4.
      Mrs Kane.

  11. Hello Mrs. Kane,
    I really liked my group activity. Like Nick said, we had to not use some of the equipment in the obstacle course because we had too much. But I think it worked out better. At the end of the day I was relieved that nothing went wrong in my group’s activity. After the sports tabloid lesson I learnt that preps had different skill levels. Some can be slow and some can be fast at different things.

    • Hello Charlotte,
      I am glad that you had the ability to ‘think flexibly’ in this situation.
      That is a valuable skill. This will be valuable knowledge when it comes to working with preps on the next ‘Prep Buddy’ session, which, by the way, we might be planning. Let others know that this will be the case…it may be profitable!
      Mrs Kane.

  12. Hi Mrs kane
    All the preps I asked wether they had a fun time or not they all said that they were having a really fun time and I also learnt that you have to make your instructions very detailed.

  13. I really enjoyed our prep buddy Tabloid Sports session.
    toward the end it was tyring but the overall activity was really fun.

    • Megan,
      Your group activity was thoughtfully planned and succeeded in testing the skills of your
      ‘young prep students’.
      Well Done!
      Mrs Kane

  14. What a great way to improve our skills on having to give clear instructions and hopefully teaching the preps something new.

  15. That’s right Zoe, And I hope that we will get to do something else like this some time this year. It was a very fun and interesting day for me.

  16. I really liked planning the tabloid sports day but liked actually doing it allot more, though there were some annoying bits When we were planning how we had to change our game.

  17. I think that our game was fun but we should have made it a little harder because it seemed like the preps might have found it a little bit to easy. Hopefully we have another one of these tasks and it will be a little bit harder.

  18. Even though we Lauren and I were in different groups our group had the exact same problem. Hardly any of the preps were listening. It was very hard to explane to them NOT to dive through the tunnel but to crawl through it.
    Well a Happy Easter to all and to all a good holiday.

  19. I learnt to get the preps attention before talking they were just staring into space while Lauren and I were talking then they had noidea what to do. It was a lot of fun though!

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