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  1. Mrs Kane,
    Iv’e learnt the 5 elements of passive design. They were very important for our house to have them all. And at the end when we did our testng, if we didn’t have them in our house than we wouldn’t have gone very well in the test. My group went very well in all of the tests probably because we did alot of research on each element. How did everyone else go?

    • I was in Mercedes group and I do believe that our house did very good. We had a pretty big house so we were worried how hot or cold it would get.

      • So Zoe,
        I’ll ask you the same question I asked Finn…what is one design feature you would include in any house you were to build and why?
        Mrs Kane

    • Mercedes, thank you for giving me feedback on your group’s performance on this task. Research plays a very important role in helping your group achieve success.
      I like your follow up question. Lets see how many responses you Mercedes.
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Mrs. Kane,

    Our group learned the elements of passive design extremely quickly, however, in the water collection test our gutter was perfect, but the tank was placed in the incorrect position allowing us to only get 25%(125 mL) of the water. In the distribution test our house cooled down quite quickly and sucsessfully.

    Thanks, Finn

    • Thank you for your very detailed comment Finn.
      Yes placing the water tank in the correct position is very important for efficient water collection.
      If you were to design a house, what is one feature of passive design that you would definately include and why?
      Mrs Kane.

  3. That’s why we decided to put a wall in our house to make one room warm and the other cold. The warm room worked well especially because it reached a temperature of 54 degrees. But the cold room didn’t get lower than 17 degrees and the wall kept falling down so I think that that’s why our cold room wasn’t getting very cold and the heat would get in.

  4. Mrs.Kane,
    our house went excellent apart from the water test when we go 0% in our tank, but that doesn’t matter because we did much better in all the other tests because we reaserched alot to undersand all 5 elements of a passive house disign. I think our best score was in the distribution test when our house got from 32 to 15 degrees!

  5. Hello Nick,
    thank you for your detailed account of your groups’s achievements.
    Can you explain why you scored 0% on the water collection test? Was it a true reflection on the research and effort your group had applied to this section of the project?
    Mrs Kane.

  6. A double glazed window, that way it will collect heat eaiser and during summer you can open the window so the cold air can flow in.

  7. Mrs.kane
    Our group had a guttering system but we got 0% because the gutter was facing the opposite way band the gutter it’s self was to shallow so the water went straight over the top. Yes it is true that nour group had set jobs and one of us finished we would help the others out. 🙂

  8. Our group’s house had a really good guttering system but the tank was not in the right spot. In the collection test we did not get a temperature as high as a lot of the other groups though we still went well. And in the distribution test our house cooled down quickly.

  9. I think our group did well. In the Distribution test our house got 34 to 17 digress. In the water test we got 200 ML. I think our group could have researched more on the 5 elements of passive design though.

  10. Mrs Kane,
    My group started off with 54 degrees in the distribution test and finished with 17 degrees so I think that we did pretty well in that test. And in the water collection test we ended up with 450mLs in our tank, so I am very happy about that as well. Also, I am glad that we used double glazed windows other wise I don’t think that our temperature would’ve gone too high. So over all I think that our group did a great job.

  11. Hello Mrs kane
    I think that the most important thing in a passive design is that it must collect water and heat which our house did ok with but it could have done better. For example we could have collected much more water if we put te gutters on the house . Like many others I learnt that a passive design must have a collecter, an absorber, must have thermal mass such as insulation, must be able to distribute air and collect water.

  12. Mrs Kane
    I was very impressed with all of our test results. I was really happy with how our group worked together as a team and got the job done.I think that our watre collection test worked the best we collected 400ml of water however their was still room for improvment. We all worked really hard on this but the hard work evntually paid of.

  13. Hello Mrs Kane,
    Our group went relatively well in all tests, however I think we went best in the Water Collection test because we managed a score of 450mls. Our group worked really well on the final day of constructing, we managed to get so much parafanalia done.
    Kyla 🙂

  14. I think the most I learnt from this project was that ordnariy matierials play a big part in a passive energy house. Our house was a bit hot insde when the top tempature got to 46 degress.
    Have a great easter every one.

  15. Our guttering system was not the best because it was slanting the wrong way and the pipe was nearly flat so it didn’t collect any water to flow the right way into the tank. Even though our guttering didn’t work our house did really well with keeping the same temperature when it wasn’t in the sun. I think that our best score was in the distribution test when we got from 32 to 15 degrees.

  16. I have to agree that the most important thing was the five elements of passive design because without them our houses would not have done as well as they did. If you ( Mrs. Kane ) asked me the same question I would have to say that the double glazed windows and the black walls were probably our most important.

  17. I have learnt the 5 elements of passive design and they really helped us through out the project. I have also had a lot of fun while building the house and fixing problems that came across. I was also really happy with our test results. I hope everyone else enjoyed it to.

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