Photo Story …what are the possibilities?


Photo Story

Photo Story



Just a reminder to take the time to explore this program some time over the holidays. You will find it under  ‘art and graphics’ in your netbook programs list.
Grab a couple of photos or JPG images and import them into the program.
See if you can work out how to import some music.
Be creative. Have fun!

Let me know what you discover.


24 thoughts on “Photo Story …what are the possibilities?

  1. Hi Mrs kane
    I have already explored photo story and have made one out of all the prep buddies tabloid sports photos. I have discovered that on each page you can type and heading or sentence on top of the photo. With this tool I have inserted a title on the very first photo.

    • Good for you Elise!
      This exploration will help you with the task we have organised in relation to ANZAC Day.
      Well done and enjoy the remainder of your holiday!
      Mrs Kane

  2. Mrs Kane
    I have also explored all he possibilities on photo story it is very much the same as movie maker which is still working by the way. I used the photos from all of our school activities.

  3. Hello Grace and Mrs Kane
    Yes it is like movie maker. However I’m meaning to use that on my netook, as I have only used it on our home computer. Hopefully it will work like yours did and as photo story did. I have also made another photo story of photos from my brothers brithday.

    • Elise,
      I am pleased that you have had an opportunity to explore photostory.
      You will be able to put what you have learnt to good use next term.
      Well done and enjoy the remainder of your holiday,
      Mrs Kane

  4. I have explored the program photo story and I think what are the possibities I like how the program makes you mess around with pictures and make it into a story.
    Hope every body is having a great holiday, I am off to Wye River

    • Good work Tom.
      Perhaps you could use this program to enhance your holiday pics from Wye River…a great place to hoilday by the way.
      Mrs Kane.

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I am still in Scotland and thought about sending you a Photo Story of the wedding with bagpipes playing, the shock of you seeing me in a suit and tie however made me decide otherwise.
    cheers Mr Rogers

  6. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I have added a flag counter to the blog, it looks as though there would be some interesting maths challenges to pose during the year with the results.
    What do you think?
    Mr Rogers

    • Hello Mr Rogers,
      I have followed your lead and added a flag counter.
      It will be a great way of tracking our visitor traffic…and yes some interesting math investigations could result.
      Enjoy your ‘great escape’!
      Mrs Kane

    • Hopefully Maddi you will enjoy the activity we have planned for you next term.
      The exploration you have done will certainly help you with this.
      Enjoy the remainder of your holiday,
      Mrs Kane.

  7. I have explore photo story and have found it very fun and interesting how you can make a story by writing on the picture and changing the colors.

    • Well done Alex!
      You can learn more about photostory by googling ‘How to use photostory’ and access some of the online tutorials.
      Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
      Mrs Kane.

    • Good work Zoe!
      A Mother’s Day Photo Story…what a great idea!
      Mothers often have great ideas don’t they?
      Hopefully what we learn in class will help you create something special for your
      Mrs Kane

  8. Hi Mrs Kane,
    When I was exploring photo story I found out that you can put sentence’s or words onto any of the photos. You can also change the colours of different photos to make it look effective.

  9. Fantastic Mercedes,
    This exploration will certainly be of help next week.
    Have you worked out how to put music on yet?
    Conduct a google search for “How to use Photostory tutorials”.
    They will give you extra information.
    Enjoy what is let of your holiday!
    Mrs Kane.

  10. Hi Mrs. Kane

    I was going to make a photostory about my families holidays exept I only got back on Tuesday so I couldn’t quite make it. However I have already made a photostory before I left so I am confident using it.

  11. I tried to use Photo Story however I had trouble using it. I just couldn’t figure it out. Will you be explaning it to us at school Mrs Kane. 🙂

    • Hello Kyla,
      to answer your question…yes we will be given time to explore and experiment. You will be shown certain things and you will problem solve other aspects of the program.
      There are also online tutorials you can watch. Type ‘how to use photostory’ as a google search and you should be able to receive valuable assistance.
      Mrs Kane

  12. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    I have explored photo story. It is very fun and interesting. I found out that you can write at the top and bottom of the page and change colour of the photo. 🙂

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