Anzac Day…25th April

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand.

Anzac Day…what do you know?

what?  why?  when? where? who? how?

This link might get you started.

21 thoughts on “Anzac Day…25th April

    • Hello Tom,
      Yesterday we learnt that ANZAC Day is also a day of remembrance in Zew Zealand.This date is marked with services in many other countries all over the world.
      Mrs Kane.

  1. I found out that Anzac day is a day to remember those who fought for Australian’s freedom. When we went away on holidays we attended an Anzac day service and they spoke about how people died during the wars. Some of them died in battle some of them died as prisoners of war and others have died since. I feel very lucky to be living in a country of freedom instead of having no freedom at all.

    • Lauren,
      I have to admit that I have never attended an ‘officia’l Anzac Day service.
      Your comment has made me question why.
      So…thank you for your comment.
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Hi Mrs Kane I have check on the internet that none of my families ansteters where involved I world war 1 and 2. Has any of your ancesters been in World war 1 or 2
    I hope you had a great easter.

    • Tom,
      Yes, like you I was fortunate to get away…to Ocean Grove ( one of my favourite places)
      And yes, I did have a great uncle who fought in World War 2 in Europe.

      Well done for looking into your ancestry!
      Mrs Kane.

  3. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    I hope everybody had a great easter and enjoyed the extra long weekend. Tom, one of my ancestors fought in world war 2. I do know that world war 1 was fought in Gallipoli in the year of 1914 during Summer and lasted for four years finishing in 1918 during November 70 million soldiers went to war 60 million of which were british and more than 9 million were killed. The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austria-Hungary was the trigger of the war. It was Serbia who attacked and soon after the Ausria-Hungary army invaded Serbia. Alliances were formed and soon after the world war 1 started.

    • Jack,
      You have obviously spent some time researching World War 1.
      This will come in handy tomorrow when we discuss our understandings .
      I hope you enjoyed the Term 1 holiday and are ready to continue making valuable contributions to our classroom community this coming term.
      Fantastic work!
      Mrs Kane.

  4. Mrs Kane
    I also did some research on anzac day and Gallipoli. Unfortunatly I didn’t go to any anzac day services however I went to the Essedon Collingwood footy game and it was great. My brother Jack was finally usefull for once as he gave me a bit of information about it because he did this topic last year.
    Hope you had a great Easter Grace.

    • Grace,
      Perhaps next year will be the year of the black and red.
      I like you, did not attend an ANZAC Day service.
      I’m glad that your brother has come in handy for something. For the record… I think that he did a ‘splendid job’ last year.
      By the way, our discussion this afternoon about the most beautiful wife ( gold diary) made me laugh. Thank you!
      Mrs Kane

      • Mrs Kane thank you for replying to my comment I read it to Jack and it made him laugh. I am not sure that next will be the year of red and black maybe not for a couple years. You are right Jack did do a splendid job and I have already stolen a couple of ideas.

  5. I did a detailed search and I found out that a LOT of people think that when the Anzacs landed in the wrong place that it wasnt a mistake. As in that they were sent their on purpose, Because it is conveinient that their was an entire army there waiting, and no other army showed up to fight, I’m not sure though… Well I hope everyone had a great Easter.

    • Kyla,
      Great comment and yes, you are right.
      There have been many discussions among historians ( people who study history) about whether the landing place was decided upon to confuse the enemy.
      Great research!
      Mrs Kane.

  6. Mrs. Kane,
    What I found out about Anzac day and Gallipoli was that this year was the 96th anniversary of the Australia and New Zealand troops landing on the beaches at Gallipoli in World War I. Anzac day is a day that we remember the people that died fighting for Australia’s freedom. I agree with Lauren, I am happy that we are in a country that has freedom.
    I hope you had a great Easter Mrs. Kane!

    • Charlotte,
      Well done. It is the 96th anniversary of the landing of our troops at Gallipoli.
      Just a tip…if you agree with Lauren you can reply directly to her comment by clicking on reply next to her comment.
      Mrs Kane.

  7. Hi Mrs Kane I am like Charlotte and agree with Lauren. I also found ut that my great grandfather and his two elder brothers were in world war one not two and they all survived, one was in the army, one was a doctor and one was a captain in one of the planes. I also found sme old medals and old papers, one inviting him to the palace to meet the king and recieve the Millitary Cross. Unfortunatly they were ot ANZACs as they were all part of the Brittish Army.

    • Kate,
      thank you for talking the time to research your family history. Isn’t it interesting what we find out when we ask the right questions.
      How amazing is your family’s involvement. By the way…medals were not easy to come by. Do you know about the Military Cross? Perhaps could let me know.
      Thank you Kate for taking the time to do the detective work.
      Mrs Kane.

  8. Mrs Kane,
    When we started on the new subject I didn’t know very much but I now know ANZAC day was on the 25th of April at 4:29 in 1915. I think that I will get alot out of this. And I can’t wait to start on my ANZAC letter even though it sounds a bit hard.

    • Mercedes,
      I am glad that you are looking forward to this writing task even though in your words ‘it sounds a bit difficult’.
      I look forward to reading your letter.
      The next post on our class blog will pose some questions about this task. I will value your responses.
      Mrs Kane

  9. Mrs Kane,
    In world war 1, it was the Russian Empire, Austrian Empire, Ottoman Empire
    and British Empire that were involved.
    It only started because The british confiscated the ships from Turkey. So Turkey sided with Germany because they replaced the 2 ships that got confiscated.

  10. My Gallipoli trip was great. I love troy – especially Istanbul and anzac – It is a wonderful place with wonderful people. I had a great stay in Istanbul and gallipoli. I was given a nice room by the hotel and people were very polite at the front desk and they were smiling all the time so i felt fine Thanks for the arrangement of our tour in gallipoli. I am so happy with the tour arrangement especially in troy & gallipoli .i really enjoyed it . Thanks again.

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