Gallipoli…a soldier’s tale

                                                                                        The Rising Sun

Put yourself in the place of a soldier on the Gallipoli Peninsula. That is what this task is asking of you.

Who are you? What battalion do you belong to? Who are you writing to you? What experiences have you had?

   I would love you to tell me. 


Another question… Can you give a name to the image above?

24 thoughts on “Gallipoli…a soldier’s tale

  1. Hello
    My name is Frank Allen Crowell, I was part of the first battalion. We landed in z beach on aprail the 25th 1915 I came in the 2-3 wave. I was part of the lone pine battle. my captain was L.M Keysore but he died so the other captain was A.J shout. I lied about my aged so I was only 15 when I went.

    • Zoe,
      You have discovered some interesting information about your battalion, well done.
      So you lied about your age did you?
      Who will you be writing to then?… perhaps your very worried parents.
      I will be very interested to read about your experiences.
      By the way, what is the name of the image?
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Mrs Kane,
    Today when we had to write down our name what battalion we are in etc. This is what I wrote.
    My name is Joseph Charles
    I am from New South Wales
    I am in the 2nd battalion
    My leader is lieutenant colonol G.F. Braund
    My battalion took part in the lone pine battle
    And my colour patch is blue and green I think that I will include all of this information into my ANZAC letter.

    • Well done Mercedes,
      your research will help make soldier’s letter sound authentic.I look forward to reading it when it is completed this week.
      And the name of the image is…?
      Mrs Kane.

  3. Mrs Kane,
    The 2nd battalion took part in the ANZAC landing on the 25th April 1915 as part of the 2nd and 3rd wave and were there until the evacuation in December 1915.
    And I am going to be writing to my son in the ANZAC letter.

  4. Hi Mrs Kane, My name is Dexter James Gow I am part of the first battilion and was recruited from New South Wales. My colour pach is black and green and I landed on Z beach on the 25th of April 1915as part of the seond wave.My battilion was alos part of the Lone Pine battle in August the same year and I stayed there until evacuation I December1915. And in the letter Iwill we writing to my Father.
    Also the name of the badge is The Rising Sun.

  5. Kate,
    I like the name you have chosen for your soldier. How did you decide on that name?
    The information you have researched will be extremely helpful when it comes to writing your letter.
    You are also correct in naming the image. Well done!
    Mrs Kane.

  6. I am Edmond John Medhurst of the Ninth battalion. We were the first battalion to land on ANZAC Cove on April 25 1915 at 4:30. I am writing to my Dearest Aunt Mabel, for my Father is in the war too, and my Mother long dead. I am sixteen years of age and lied to go to war.

    The object above is called the “Rising Sun Badge “, which was pinned to the ANZAC’s hats.

    • Great researching Luke,
      Your letter should make for interesting reading. And you are correct about the Rising Sun badge, it was pinned to the soldier’s hats and to this day, is widely recognised symbol of Australians at war.
      Mrs Kane.

  7. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    My name is George Henry Spencer. I was in the 4th Battalion and from New South Wales. I was in the First Brigade. I was part of the 2-3 waves.
    I took part of defense of the Beachhead and in August led the charge at Lone Pine. My Commander was Lieutenant Colonel A.J.O Thompson; he died on the 26th of April 1915.My Battalion served at ANZAC until the evacuation in December. My colour patch is Blue and Green.
    I am going to be writing to my Girlfriend in the letter.

    • Charlotte,
      You have a lot of information that will be able to weave into your letter.
      I have a question for you. Is the name you have chosen based upon that of a real soldier?
      You will probably refer to your girlfriend ( as this is a very modern term so she will probably be your fiancee) as your beloved…
      Mrs Kane

        • Hi Charlotte,
          That is a great name for your fiancee because I don’t think that anyone else will have that name. I just wish that I could of used my name.

  8. Mrs Kane,
    I, Joseph Charles have done a bit of research on the badge. And found out as many others have, that it is called the Rising Sun badge.

  9. Hi Mrs.Kane
    My name is Sgt.Walter James Ripley from NSW of the 2nd battalion.
    I came in the first wave of soilders. My battalion fought in lone pine then sailed to france we also went to Belgium before gonig to somme vally to help fight.
    In my story I right about two freinds dieing. Also my character gets shot in the leg and it gets infected, they then amputate my leg and I get sent back to australia (just to keep you intrested).

  10. Mrs Kane
    My name is Charles Joseph Smith I am part of the 3rd battalion. I am writing to my wife Louise. I was part of the lone pine attack on August the 6th 1915, my battalion landed on 25th of april 1915 and evacuated on the 19th of the 12th 1915. The name of the iamge above is the rising sun.

  11. My name is private John Phillip Cronin
    from New South Wales, 3rd Battalion.
    I was in the battle of Lone Pine and I was in gallipoli from the 25th of April until the 20th of December 1915

    • Jack,
      I hope that “you make it back home safely. And yes, you are correct the image is of ‘the Rising Sun’ badge. It was worn on the brim of the soldiers hat.
      Mrs Kane.

  12. Mrs. Kane
    I am James Smith, I was in the 2nd battalion whitch landed on the 25th April and sayed for the evacuation in December 1915. I was writing to my Mother and Father.

  13. My name is William Walter Strang. I am in the fourth Battalion, I am writing to my wife Katherine. The only expirience I have had is landing on Gallipoli and I am about to go into the battle of Lone Pine. The image shown at the top is the Rising Sun.

  14. My name is Richard John Williams
    5th Battalion
    2nd wave
    Commander was Luietenant Colenel D.S
    Fought in lone pine
    I am writing to my dearest Mother and we are about to evacuate.

  15. My name is Herbert Charles Birch I am writing to my Wife Josophine an children Agatha and Charles.
    The photo is of the rising sun badge and it represents australians in the war all the australian soldier get one to put on their hat.
    The badge also let people who dug up the soldiers know where they came from.

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