Should we or shouldn’t we?

Last weekend many billions of  people around the world witnessed the ‘fairy tale’ royal wedding …many of them Australians. The wedding  is said to have created an  increased interest in the Royal Family .

There are others though, that believe that the time has come for Australia to cut its ties with England and become a republic .  This means that we would no longer have The Queen as our head of government.
So…should Australia become a republic? What do you think?

Do some research. Discuss this question with your family or visit the links above to help you with your decision.

Let me know what you decide. Oh…and leave a comment explaining your decision.

5 thoughts on “Should we or shouldn’t we?

  1. Mrs Kane
    I voted that Australia should not become a republic as we have been a part of the British republic all this time and what would it make a diffrence if we were in our own republic.

    • I agree with Grace because I voted no and it wouldn’t make a differnce any way if we were our own rebublic.

  2. I voted that Australia should not become a republic because we would not be as strong as a nation we are now with the British.

  3. Mrs Kane,
    I disagree with Jack, Grace and Mercedes because I belive that we could be stronger if we were a republic. Instead of being, under controll (im not sure if thats the right word) we could make our own decisions.
    Kyla. 🙂

  4. As many have already said I think that we should not become a republican as if we are it will leave our country with many responsibilities that I think that the British handle just fine. So my point is that the way we live now is not affecting people so why change our lifestyle when we are fine with the queen ruling us at the moment.

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