Congratulations 6B!

This certificate was meant to be handed to  three or four writers of  outstanding Anzac Soldiers’ Letters.

 However, considering of the depth of research,the careful attention paid to the task criteria and the conscientious effort applied to composing your letters,  deciding upon the worthy few proved far too difficult.




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26 thoughts on “Congratulations 6B!

  1. This activity was fun but extremely time consuming. Copperplate is hard, but easy in the small letters.

  2. I enjoyed the activity because I thought that it was challenging because we had to research which battalion to come from and our names. I also thought that it was hard because we had to use old language and slang words.

  3. Hi Mrs Kane
    I did enjoy the task althought it did take ages for me as the size of my letter at the moment is two whole pages and Iam not yet done writing and have only fine lined the first page. But I am glad that you gave us a whole lot of class time as even just at home it will take night to complete. I do believe that everyone does desvere it as many peers of my did a splendid job and then neatly presented it in their portfolios as well.

  4. Mrs Kane
    Having done a simlar task last year I thought it wouldn’t be that hard but this time we had to do reaserch and that made it harder. I’m almost done I just have to write it out. 🙂

  5. I think this task was quiet difficult to master but after I got into it, it got easy. I think I need to practice on my copper plate a little bit more. During the process I have learnt alot more about what really happened.

  6. Go 6B!!
    I thought that this task was extremly difficult because we had to research then put it into words as if we were a soldier at Gallipoli Peninsula. The hardest thing for me was writing in an old fashion script

  7. I woul’d like to think of everyone winning instead of no one winning.
    so I like the Idea of the certificate being awarded to all of grade 6b instead of only three people and I’m not saying that for my own benefit but for those who don’t benefit from anything.

  8. I was so excited when on Friday afternoon I thought I had finished letter and then I realised I had to go over it in fine liner which was really disappointing. I think that I could have done better and added more slang and old language because it was all in the last part and I should have added more in the start. Overall the activity was fun it just went for way to long.

  9. I thought that the task of creating an ANZAC letter was challenging. We had to gather factual information such as names and dates. We had a certain criteria to follow which composed of, 5 examples of old language, 7 slang words, all the senses and 10 facts. This had to be typed, highlighted, corrected, re-typed re-highlighted then finally written in copperplate.

  10. This activity wasn’t hard for me looking at it as a whole thing although the only part of it where I had difficulties is when I was researching because finding the right keywords is hard, you type in one thing and what you are looking for is at the bottom of the list.

  11. Well at first I thought the task was hard though as we got into it it got a lot easier. I also thought it was hard to write the script as some of those letters are really confusing.

  12. Hi, I think doing reserch for this made it easier for me, because I searched old words and soldiers slang.

  13. hi mrs kane I think this activity was hard too do the research but it was a little bit easier to right the letter and i also thinkit was hard too do the old fashion writing

  14. Hello mrs Kane,
    I thought that the soldiers letter was really fun but it was difficult to put yourself in the position of a soldier when your not one. Writing in copper plate was really fun as well.

  15. HI Mrs. Kane,
    The soldier’s letter was definately a difficult activity for me, although once I got started, It got easier and easier.
    When we started the activity I thought it would be harder for me because I was not at New Gisborne but to be honest with you, I thought I did okay. I learnt a lot from this activity, before I started learning about ANZAC day I didn’t know much but now I know a lot.

  16. Mrs Kane
    I really enjoyed this task all though it was very challanging and time consuming. I believe that I did a really good job on this task. My letter sounded authentic and my writing was quite neat.

  17. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Usually I don’t enjoy writing a lot and having to research about it as well. But writing the soldier’s letter was really fun. Although when we got to start I couldn’t think of anything else to write which was frustrating but I eventually did and know what to write from then on.

  18. When we were told that we were going to do the soldiers letter again I was happy. But only happy because I new we would be expected to, like all of our previous tasks live up to and go beyond the standards set by previous Grade 6 classes. If there was anything I could have done better, it would have definetly would have been the copperplate writing. In the end it was really fun.

    • Jack,
      Yes I know I am continually asking this year’s grade 6 to strive to achieve a higher standard than the previous grade 6 children. There is a saying for this. It is called ‘raising the high jump bar’…and you managed to get over it.
      As for the difficulty with the script, by the end of this term you will be ‘an old hand at it’.
      Mrs Kane

      • Mrs Kane I am glad that you are ‘raising the high jump bar’ as one of my goals this year is to always put in the most amount of effort so that I smart and I can be a very successful though out my life.

  19. Mrs Kane I am glad that you are ‘raising the high jump bar’ as one of my goals this year is to always put in the most amount of effort so that I smart so that I can be a very successful though out my life.

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