Gold…when, where and who?

Just three simple questions.

How many of you  believe that your  group was able to confidently answer them during your discussion?

 Perhaps you might need to dig a little deeperBe careful…there is such a thing as ‘fools gold’.

 Also…what image have you decided to include on your Gold Book cover and why?


Painting by S T Gill
Gold Diggers at Ballaarat… Painting by S T Gill



5 thoughts on “Gold…when, where and who?

  1. Mrs Kane
    I don’t think that our group could discuss the questions very welll and I dont think that we used very good language.

    On my front cover I chose to get a picture of the police escorts. I chose this picture as I think that they were a important part of the gold rush.

  2. Mrs Kane, Our group was much like Grace’s there were so many answers to choose from we could not decide. On my gold book cover I have chosen the image of the Eureka Flag because it was the flag that represented the pride of the diggers. I am having so much fun on this subject, I cannot wait for camp.
    Kyla. 🙂

  3. Hi mrs kane,
    I think my group did well but didn’t dig deep enough in to it.

    The picture i’v chosen for my gold book cover is of 5 men , 2 ladys and 2 children. One of the men found gold by paning, 2 men dont know that they found gold when they were cradiling, a chinese man is waving to his wife when digging and a man and a woman are talking while the kid’s are shy and hiding behind there parent because the man and woman are just friends and the kids dont know each other.


  4. Hello Mrs Kane as many other people have said we could not really work out which answer was right for the type with me. Although we did agree on the date, but it was not right and I know this from our class discussion and partner research.

    For my front cover I choose an axeI in a gold nugget. I picked this as I am not a very good drawer or a great tracer so I needed something simple so that it would like good, well balanced and neat on my front cover that I will not dislike any time of the year.

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Our group had trouble answering some questions like who found it and when though we did eventually agree on when though I don’t think we were all entirely sure.
    I chose a picture of three men and a child walking into the distance because I thought it would have been a simple picture though it was a bit harder than expected but not difficult, I chose that picture because I thought it would look good on my front cover.

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