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  1. This website is great. It has about every book I can think of, including the series I am reading now. (The GONE novels)

  2. My book review is about the novel GONE. I think that a good book review should include a brief blurb, an introduction, a genre, the author and a reccomended age. It should have sentences that don’t drag on, and should leave the reader with the only thought in their mind being: got to read that book.

    • Luke,
      The GONE serise is very intreging to read. I love how right from the very start it grabs you and you just can’t put it down. What book are you up to?
      Kyla. 🙂

  3. At first when I looked at the inside a dog site I searched for lungs but I’m an idiot. Inside a dog is for books and when I figured out how to us the site I found it usefull to find out some good novels.

  4. ‘Inside a Dog’ is a good websit for if you want to no about a book that you might like to read. It is good for all ages because has a different variaty of books to choose from.

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    when I was exploring inside a dog I found books I had read and many other popular books with reviews that may not be so well written but do give many opinions.

    I can’t wait to post a review it will be fun to create something that I and other people can see and think wow that is just great.

    The name inside a dog did startle me at first and like jack I thought it could be a site about well the inside of a dog. As Luke said as well it includes a whole lot of books.

    I defiantly something that I will remember next time that I am looking for a book.

  6. Hello Mrs Kane I think that this website is really good because it can help you decide on a book you might want to read or not. The only bad thing is that some people that wrote on there sound like they don’t really know what they are talking about but apart from that it is really good.

  7. Mrs Kane
    I have been into the website however I was away when you all looked at it together so hopefully I can catch up very quickly.

    • Well done Grace for for having the initiative to follow up at home what you had missed out on at school. You will be posting a review on this site later in the year so keep visiting the site from time to time to get some ideas for review writing.
      Mrs Kane

  8. Mrs Kane,
    Inside a dog is a very interesting site and is a good place to get an opinion on a certain book that you like. Although some of the reviews aren’t very good and I wouldn’t like to be the author of that book. But I can’t wait to finish our blurbs so that we can leave a review, and I’m sure that everyones blurb will be great.

  9. Iliked the Idea of inside a dog although the books I read aren’t recognised/regestered so I couldn’t write a review.

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