Cybersmart Kids

To quote from the website “Cybersmart has activities and animations, a quiz and facts about being cybersmart and cybersafe online.”

This image will take you to the quiz. Take time to read the ‘quiz blurb’ and then test your ‘online savvy’. 

 How did your ‘cybersmarts’ compare with Sam’s?

Cybersmart - Quiz - how cybersmart am I - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-05-23_18-44-57

4 thoughts on “Cybersmart Kids

  1. Mrs Kane,
    I took the test and it was very interesting, if you get the answer wrong they give you a chance to take the question again and tell you right. It was very easy to understand and the questions were easy to answer.
    Kyla. 🙂

    • I agree with you Kyla,
      I have also taken the quiz and got all of the answers right it tells you what you need to do in all kinds of different situations. It is a very usefull source and I think that everyone else should check it out.

  2. Mrs Kane,
    I have taken the test and got all of the questions right, they were easy to understand and answer. And there are questions about a lot of different things like emails, games etc.

  3. Hi Mrs Kane
    Just like Grace and Kyla I took the test and got them all right as well. I think that it is a great sight as if someone does get something wrong it will tell you what you are doing wrong so that if you are not cyber smart online you can learn. I have also shared the website with mum so that like the other links on the cyber safety page she knows that it is there and can be used at any time.

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