So you think you can skip…

So you think you can skip! So did I… that is until last Tuesday when Hesket Primary School’s skipping team came to visit.

The fifteen students amazed us with their skill. It’s no wonder that Hesket Primary has won ten out of twelve state championships.

Want to see more? Visit  Ms Hunichens and Mrs Hollands‘ and Miss Wencel’s class blogs to view You Tube videos. Check to make sure that it is OK with mum or dad before you do.

Let them know what you think.

So…do you really think you can skip?

9 thoughts on “So you think you can skip…

  1. Mrs Kane,
    Hesket Primary School skipping team were amazing, I have practiced some of the tricks that they can do but I still can’t get it. And right now I don’t think that I am a very good skipper, and can never be as good as them.

  2. Hi Mrs.Kane
    I thought I was really good until I saw all the people from Hesket skip and I was amazed at how good they were and they did lots o ftricks that I had naver seen before, especially the one where they give one handle to each other and skip together. But out of all of them my favourite was around the world.

  3. Usually New Gisborne is good at sports but as soon as Hesket primary came along we looked bad Hopefully the program will help our school to do some of those tricks.

  4. The video on the grade 1 blog was amazing. All the time you would have to put in and how fit they must be. Last week when we were short-rope skipping, Mr Rogers was testing how long we could skip for, in our grade a lot of people struggled to go for a while. Probably because it looked like we were trying to put holes in the floor.

  5. Mrs Kane,
    I am amazed at how fit they were to skip for that long. It’s embarrassing to think that after only 20 seconds we were out of breath and tired. Their performance was just spectacuar.
    Kyla. 🙂

  6. Mrs Kane
    The Hesket Primary school were amazing they must practise so much to be able to do all those tricks so good. They must all love skipping because they all looked comited and like they were having so much fun. I have tried some of the tricks but I think that I have to stick with basics. However I will keep practising and hopefully I will be able to at least do one of them.

  7. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    I was amazed by the Hesket School skipping team. I have been practising my skipping skills over the week. On Monday when we did sport, my favourite skipping activity was the run in run out one because it was really fun. I don’t really think I can skip, though I am learning to.

  8. Mrs. Kane,
    Those skippers from Hesket primary where amzing. They must practise every day to get so good and to do a show in frount of our hole school that must take some courage. To see some of there triks was a priverlidge because I didn’t think that grade 2s and 3s could be capable of doing them.

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