Jump Off Day… Friday 24th June

Friday June 24th is our school ‘Jump Off ‘ day. To register all you need to do is click on this image. It will take you straight to Mr Goodyear’s blog where there is a direct link to the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ website.

Make sure you have mum or dad’s permission to do so.


      Jump Rope for Heart - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-05-31_19-14-37

4 thoughts on “Jump Off Day… Friday 24th June

  1. Mrs Kane,
    Alex Flisher and I joined up last night and the way the website is set up made it easier to understand everything and its a great website and I cant wait to ‘Jump rope for Heart’.
    Kyla. 🙂

  2. I have already registered and it is an interesting website as it has a scorecard of how much you have raised and you get to choose a goal of how much money toy would like to raise. You can also see other people in your class who have registered and their goal, as well as send emails to your friends and family asking for their help.

  3. Thank you Alex for your comments,
    I especially like your the fact that you have reviewed the website.
    I agree. It is always adds interest when you can see the goals that others in your class have set.
    It should be an interesting activity…What goal are you aspiring to achieve?
    Mrs Kane

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