Sovereign Hill school letter is now due.

Students this week have spent many hours of classroom time researching, writing, editing and publishing their Sovereign Hill school letter.
We have set a deadline for the completion of this activity….this coming Wednesday. This is when the letters are to be posted to Sovereign Hill.

Below are some fine examples of student letters.
Sovereign Hill School Letter

10 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill school letter is now due.

  1. Mrs Kane,
    I think I know who’s letter that is. Whoever it is is a very good writer and the way they have set it out is fantastic. I hope everyone will like it.
    Kyla. 🙂

  2. Mrs Kane,
    I am pretty sure I know whose letter the first one is, I was also wondering why the names are blocked?? All of the people did a really good job of writing them. I know that everyone else did as well.
    Chelsea 🙂

    • Chelsea,
      The student names have been blocked because we do not permit the publishing of full names on our class blogs and for that matter on the school website as well. We didn’t do it to make a competition out of it.
      So… is there a particular ‘extract’ from one of the letters you believe is a great example of rich writing?
      Mrs Kane

  3. Mrs Kane,
    I read a few of them and they where Fantastic and I definately enjoyed mine and Mum did too. I could guess some of them especially my 1:)


    • Nick,
      You worked conscientiously on this task, well done! Your persistence paid off…the finished letter looks authentic. It could pass as long lost mail from the 1850s.
      Which ‘extract’ of writing do you think is particularly skillful? I’d like to know.
      Mrs Kane

      • Mrs Kane,
        This is my favourite part of my writing because it describes what happens on the The Flying Cloud ( the clipper ship) on my way over to Australia. During the journey the waves where huge and destructive.

        Nicholas L

  4. Mrs Kane
    I have completed my letter as I worked very hard during lunchtime today. I am so exited to go to sovereign hill and Jack has told me all about it.

  5. Mrs Kane,
    I think that when (he who must not be named) talked about his home on the goldfeilds he did a realy fantastic job on describing it. Good job Wes.
    Kyla. 🙂

    • Kyla,
      Yes I agree with you…he who should not be named in full, did indeed produce a splendid letter… as did others.
      I look forward to reading about ‘your family’s story’ as well.
      Mrs Kane.

  6. Hi Mrs. Kane,
    I thought I did really well on my Sovereign Hill considering I was not at school the day we did it. I am very excited about going to Sovereign Hill and do all the things there. Harriet has told me a lot about it. She also said it was Great fun!

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