School concert reminder from Mrs J…

Don’t leave  organising your costume for the concert until the last minute.

This is what you need…

Luke’s Group: Park Scene
This depends on the child’s role in the item. For example, boxers will wear sporing clothes with boxing gloves
Liam’s Group: Military Scene
Navy pants, bright coloured t shirt (not black or white) and school bomber jacket

5 thoughts on “School concert reminder from Mrs J…

    • Hello Finn,
      thank you for your comments. I am sure that you are having a wonderful time. If you get a chance you could email me some photos with a few descriptions and I could share them on theclass blog.
      As far as the concert goes…if the rehearsals are anything to go by then the Year 6 performances should be very entertaining.
      Mrs Kane

  1. I really enjoyed the concert, it was good to see that everyone could come especially Luke H for my group because it would be really hard to perform with out a leader.

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