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  1. Although some days seem cloudy and miserable, the UV rating could still be anything from 0-20, and they are not slowed down by clouds. I think that pupils should wear sun smart hats in every term, and 30+ or Broad Spectrum sunscreen should be provided by the school on days of a high UV rating, for students to use.

  2. After researching about UV Radiation I discovered that the UV radiation can affect you on the coldest of days, you can’t see it but it’s there and it can affect you greatly. For me the wise choice would be to change the policy.
    I know how annoying and itchy hats can be so I thought of an alternative, instead of wearing hats all year children should bring sunscreen to school or maybe the school could provide some for those who forget to bring any.

  3. I now believe that our school wear hats in term 2 & 3 as well as 1 & 4 because even though it is winter and cold, doesn’t mean we cant get sunburnt. I also think that we should all bring sunscreen to school and wear it so we don’t damage our skin. By following these facts we can protect our students in the school.

  4. After researching on this topic I think that our school should not only wear hats in term 1 and 4 but also in term 2 and 3 because the sun can still come out in winter. I also think that we should have sunscreen in classrooms available to students so they can stay protected from the sun.

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I believe that our existing Sun Smart policy is letting UV rays off lightly. It only makes us wear hats in term 1 and 4. My research has proved me that as long as the sun is up you are able to be effected by the rays. I think that we should wear hats for each day that the UV rating is 3 or above, and wear sunscreen during those days. The only problem with that is the cost, imagine how much money would we be spending if we replace sunscreen each week!

  6. Mrs. Kane,
    In my opinion I think that changes should be made at N.G.P.S. Research shows that in the hotter months the UV levels are not necessary higher than in the cooler months. This means that in winter there can still be a high and dangerous risk of getting skin cancer. I think that the students and N.G.P.S should wear hats all 4 terms depending on the UV rating, by looking up the UV levels on the internet or in the local news paper. 0-2 low, 3-5 moderate, 6-7 high, 8-10 very high and 11+ extreme.

  7. We have been researching UV radiation. There are 3 types of UV radiation; UVB can cause skin damage, UVA causes skin cancer, and UVC can’t penetrate the ozone layer. We found that skin cancer is one of Australia’s biggest killers.

  8. Research shows that if its cold and cloudy you still have a chance of sunburn. For example todays high tempreture is 20c but the UV rating is 8 which falls into the very high catagory on the scale. so I think that the time wear wear hats (currently 1st and 3rd term)should depend on the UV scale if its over three we should be wearing hats the scale is 0-3 low 3-5 moderate 6-7 high 7-11 very high 11+ extreme.

  9. In my opinion or existing school policy needs have had more research put into. UV ratings three or above put you at risk of skin damage, in Winter the rating can easily get over three meaning children are still at risk. Ultraviolet is a silent killer because you can’t see or feel it and the temperature and conditions are no indication of the rating. If the sun is up, you can be hit by UV. I believe we should have hats ready in our bags and if the rating is above three we should wear the hats. Also in Terms 1+4 we should also wear sunscreen as well as hats.

  10. Mrs Kane
    After everything that I have found out when researching UV rays I believe that we should change our school policy. I think this because even though we can not see UV ratings they are always there and they are very harmful. In my opinion I think that we should wear hats in term 1 and 3 as well however only when the UV rating is high. We should get the teachers or students to check the rating.

  11. Hi Mrs.Kane,
    In my opinion I think that the school should only make small changes like wearing sun screen when doing sports or when playing outside on a 7 UV rating or higher each student should wear sunscreen. Grade 6 research has proven that sun screen is very important throughout the year not just summer but also winter because clouds and low temperatures don’t stop UV rays. That’s why I think we should were sunscreen not just hats.

  12. Dear Mrs Kane,
    Our sun smart policy here at New Gisborne Primary School states that we must wear hats in term 1 and 4. This is because most people dont understand that the Ultra Violet rating is just as high in Winter and Autumn as it is in Summer and Spring. I propose that we keep our hats in our lockers all year round and on high Ultra Violet rating days we wear our hats and put on some sunscreen.
    Kyla 🙂

  13. Dear Mrs Kane,
    At New Gisborne Primary School it is a policy for every student to wear hats during terms 1 and 4. After doing research on UV and the damage it can do to your body I think that hats should be worn by the UV rating instead of wearing them by the time of year because the ratings can be just as strong in winter than in summer. On extreme levels I think that sunscreen should be provided in classrooms and must be worn because hats don’t work from every direction. The reason why I have said this is because more than 380 000 people die of skin cancer each year.

  14. Hi Mrs Kane
    In my opinion I don’t think our sun smart policy is good enough, because most days the UV rating is about 3 and 3 is in the moderate zone of UV rays so I think we should almost wear hats all year round because you can get burnt on a cloudy and rainy day. After my research I found a chart which tells you what to do, 1-2 is low, 3-4 is moderate, 5-6 is high, 7-8 is really high and 9 and above is extreme. I also think we might be able to improve the school clothing to make it more protective. That is a couple of ways I think we can improve our school policy.

  15. Our grade has done a lot of research on UV rays and ratings. In my opinion we should tell the students when UV ratings are high (8+) the school could put out a warning saying UV ratings are high wear hats and sun screen if you have them. Or perhaps we should wear our hats all year round. If UV ratings are high the principal could still put out a warning.

  16. Mrs Kane
    After all the research that we have been doing I now believe that we should change the school policy and wear hats more often. I also believe that the school should supply sun screen for the kids and staff to apply 20 minutes before going out to play. Australia is already known as the skin capital of the world we want to stop that not make the numbers grow bigger.

  17. Hello,

    Should We Change Our School Policy Towards Being Sunsmart?

    Yes. In my opinion whenever the UV rating is over 4, everyone should be wearing hats. Also our school doesn’t provide sunscreen for recess and lunch. Our class should leave some at the door as we go out.

    If you don’t reapply sunscreen every two hours your skin is back to normal. Therefore even if you put on sunscreen before you arrive at school it will go away.

    When the UV rating is high your skin will need protection. And without sunscreen you will absolutely get burned.

    That is why our school should change its policy.

    Thanks, Finn

  18. After I did some research I decided that I think that the school policy should be changed in the way of being sun smart. The way that I think that the school policy should be changed is that kids should wear hats not only in term one and four but also in term two and three. I also think that kids that don’t have hats should be made to sit in the shade in the courtyard not just sit there as most of the courtyard in not undercover.

  19. Mrs Kane
    In my opinion the school policy needs to be changed from all of the children need to wear hats everyday in 1st term and 4th term too all of the children have to wear hats everyday every term. This is my opinion because research shows that there is a UV rating everyday including in 2nd and 3rd term when it is not so sunny and hot.

  20. Hello

    Should we change our school policy towards being sunsmart ?
    In my opinion we should wear hats all year round because sometimes the UV levels are high in terms 2 and 3. This would also stop people forgetting their hats as it would be a main part of our school uniform all year round.

    • Jamie,
      You raised a very important point that no-one else has considered. Being in the habit of wearing your hat every day would certainly ensure that students come prepared to wear a hat no matter what the term.
      Well done..very clever.
      Mrs Kane.

    • Hi Megan,
      we are dressing up on Wednesday but don’t forget to bring something suitable to wear for P.E after recess. This originally was planned because we believed that the softball girls would be missing on Thursday.
      By the way…your story is very intriguing. I will catch up with you on Wednesday and look forward to seeing your illustrations. I wonder if they will match the images I had in my mind as I was reading. Enjoy Melborne Cup Day!
      Mrs Kane

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