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  1. Hi Mrs Kane
    I forgot how much fun ACDC was I enjoyed performing and rehearsing. I loved dancing an acting and definitly had a great time sharing my passion with the school. The best bit about ACDC was there was no lines I had to remember.
    I wish that the school could have more activities like that.


  2. Hi Mrs kane I had so much fun doing ACDC I`ve been looking forward to it for a very long time ever since I watched in grade 3 and even better, the doll maker is my favourite one. I had a bad back because I had to stay still for a long time.
    Abbey.B 🙂

    • Abbey,
      I was very impressed with the way you focussed on the instructions. You listened intently to everything that was explained.
      Great job!
      Mrs Kane

  3. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I learnt that you have to remember dances to be successful. When I was sneaking around the doll maker I was scared because I didn’t want him to accidentally whack me with his stick! :/ 🙂
    From Erin

    • Erin,
      the photo I took of you shadowing the doll maker captured your expression perfectly. You were really focussed on your role. Well done!
      Mrs Kane

  4. Hi Mrs Kane, I learnt that acting is a very hard thing to do. I was very impressed with the production but was very nervous and my hands were all sweaty. Looking at the audience faces, they seemed to really enjoy the performance. Most of all I enjoyed it so much I wish to thank you for giving me and all the year 6s a once in a life time experience.

    • Livi,
      I am pleased that you enjoyed the experience. You are correct when you mention audience enjoyment. The younger children were totally engaged by your performance.
      Valuable comment Livi!
      Mrs Kane

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I had so much fun doing ACDC, I thought I was going to hide under the Table but when Mr Becker picked me for the ‘Dumb Guy’s’ part I could not believe it. I thought Nathan was doing the best part in the whole play. My favourite bit would be when I got to slap and kick(I saw you got a photo of that) Mr Becker and when I got drugged in the 2nd play. I learned that not every play is boring, the boring ones are where the performers talk.
    Thankyou ACDC


    • Austin,
      I really appreciate the thought you have put into your comment. The kind of mime that included the “slap and kick” actually has a name in theatre. Your parents might have heard of it…”slap stick” comedy.
      There have been many famous comedy routines based on this. Have you ever heard of ‘the three stooges’ or “Laurel and Hardy:? Once again your parents may have.
      Greast comment!
      Mrs Kane

  6. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I learnt that doing a performance that you have to mime in is 10 times as hard as doing one where you actually have to speak! Even though it was difficult I had a great time and really injoyed myself! I had been looking forward to doing ACDC since grade 3 when the it was time I saw it and it was also the ‘Doll Maker’.

    • Ruby,
      it was obvious to me that your were enjoying the experience. I’m glad that you got to perform ‘ the Doll Maker’ given that this was the performance you saw in grade three. I would imagine that you would never had expected acting to be such a challenging and physical activity.
      Mrs Kane

  7. Hi Mrs Kane,
    From this fun experience with ACDC I learnt about patience probably the most as well as extreme concentration. I learnt about patience in the sense that being a doll I had sit still for an imense amount of time. I think for me waiting a long time to do my dance was testing. Also concentration was an importent asset to the play and doing the dancing. It all really required a bit of concentration to get it right and in precise timing.

    From Caitlyn

  8. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I enjoyed doing the play, my favourite part was when I got to break one of the dolls as it made the doll maker really angry when he got home from the pub. I think that sometimes acting out different things can help you understand what can happen in different situations in real life.

  9. hi Mrs Kane,
    i loved doing the ACDC it was really fun I enjoyed the perfomance Ron was really funny in the act and i thought it was good getting 1 person from the audience to act as a doll

    FROM Harrison

    • Thank you for your comment Harrison.
      I was very impressed with the way all Year 6’s worked so hard to follow the instructions that Ron gave and the effort everybody put in to make the 2 days so successful.
      Mrs Kane.

  10. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I really liked ACDC. I learnt some really cool moves now I do them every night at home and my family loves them so much they wanted me to stop but I had a lot of fun.

    From Nick.

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