Free Rice…try this.

I thought I might daw your attention to a site that is worth visiting. It is fun and educational. You can improve your word knowledge or practise your tables.  Your participation assists the World Food program.  Give it a go!

This website is listed under ‘site seeing’  on the blog side-bar OR just click on the image below.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Free Rice…try this.

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I quite enjoyed that website and thought that it was a great way to give rice to people in poverty, (is that what it’s for?!?) and I got up to level 11 of 60 and donated 300 grains of rice. You may not think level 10 is very good but it gets really hard; with words such as ‘veto’. Can anyone beat 300 grains of rice??

  2. Hi Mrs Kane, thank you so much for encouraging students to raise rice. So far together, we’ve managed to raise enough to feed almost 5 million people. Thank you!

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