4 thoughts on “Below deck on a clippership…

  1. That is so sad look at all the children and the old people there on a boat what if they crash and all the water comes in and they dround.

    • Skigh,
      for your comment. The sad truth is that many did die on the voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne. However, mostly they died from disease. Living in such cramped spaces meant that diseases such as cholera were quite common.
      Mrs Kane,
      Year 6 teacher,
      New Gisborne Primary school.

  2. Hi Mrs Kane
    It must have been horrible in steerage on the clipper ships, the smell must have been disguisting. Its very sad that so many people died especially the little children. I cant imagine what illness and diseases they must of had. Was it really worth it, just to find gold?

    • Ethan,
      thankyou for al of your comments. I agree with you…being a steerage passenger on a clipper ship would have been very unpleasant. I wonder how many of those who made the journey actually found their fortune!
      Mrs Kane

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