2 thoughts on “Read it! Loved it!

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I have made up a list of exactly 31 books I am wanting to attempt to read. (By attempt I mean see if they interest me.) I know some of the titles but only about 3. Thanks for this great link to finding great books!

    • Hello Ruby,
      thank you for your many comments. I am pleased that your class has been given the time to explore our class blog. You have obviously used your class time effectively. Thankyou for your honest comment about the subraction game. I look forward to learning about your class and school. My class have located your school on Google Maps and visited your school website. I am sure that my students will have many questions for you.
      Thank you again for your comments,
      Mrs Kane.
      P.S. Did you have a great Summer break? How did you spend your time?

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