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  1. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I think that first aid should be taught to Year 6 students at primary schools.
    This will be a great life lesson for the future and will be able to give children a rough idea about first aid and how it can help.
    This also helps with school yard activities and sports. First aid can children the ability to know what to do in an emergency.
    That’s why I think first aid should be taught at primary schools.

    From Sam

  2. I believe that first aid should definitely be taught in schools.
    There is a thin line between life and death. Just by knowing a few basic things to do in a certain incident; you could save someone’s life. All anyone needs to know is something as simple as the ‘Recovery Position’ and they could severely change the out-come of an accident.
    If it was a parent that was knocked unconscious and the child had to call an ambulance they might not turn them over into the ‘Recovery Position’ and a simple mistake like that could cost them their parent’s life. As Doctor Rosenfeld said: ‘even knowing how to position someone after a head injury could be lifesaving’
    As you can see, I strongly feel that first aid should be taught to primary and secondary school kids.

  3. I think that First Aid should be taught to Year 6s because it can save someone’s life. A lot of children don’t know First Aid. If you are with someone they could just collapse and you wouldn’t know what to do. You might not have a mobile phone and if you don’t know First Aid, that person could die.
    It could make a big difference knowing First Aid.
    That’s why I think First Aid should be taught to children.

  4. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I think that First Aid should be taught in schools because it is valuable information.

    Accidents can happen anywhere and if you know first aid it could save someone’s life. The recovery position could save the person’s life. Dr Rosenfeld said this “When Molly Meldrum had his fall I understand he was given aid by his house keeper and you might say that was the thing that saved his life amongst all the treatment that he had in hospital.”
    t helped massively and if we have that training, we could save someone’s life too.
    That is why I think that First Aid should be taught in schools.

  5. I think that first aid should be taught in schools my reasons are:

    It could be dangerous if you are out in a public place and a friend or family member has a fall and is in a critical condition and you didn’t know how to help before medical professional are able to assist. You wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of knowing if you knew how to help, that person might still be alive.

    If you do know first aid and professional help is 30-40 minutes away, just the help you give in the first 5 minutes can be prevent it from becomming a life and death situation.

    These are some reasons of why first aid should be taught at schools.

  6. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I believe that first aid is lifesaving knowledge and children and adults alike should learn it.
    As part of the curriculum it should be taught, not necessarily all of it, but the basics.
    One reason I believe it should be taught is because if the child waits for an ambulance to come the patient could already be dead.
    Just knowing how to position them or how to check for a pulse is important and can just keep the person alive long enough for further professional medical assistance.
    Accidents can occur spontaneously. Everyone should be prepared for one. Professor Rosenfeld said “it’s a practical thing and it is a life skill and from my experience children relish it”.
    This is why I believe everyone including children should learn First Aid.

  7. Should first aid be taught in schools?
    I think that we should learn First Aid at school.
    It could happen anywhere at any time. If someone around you collapses or is hurt, you could help them. It could make a big difference even if you only know a few of things about First Aid. That’s all it takes to save someone’s life.

    So in my opinion I think we should learn about First Aid

  8. I believe that children in schools should be taught some act of first aid for numerous reasons. Accidents happen anywhere at any time. Adults and children should be prepared to give some sort of medical assistance. If people are not prepared we are just risking another life.

    The first act of medical assistance can save some one’s life. By the time a professional aider comes a life could be at risk. It is the first 10 mins that makes a difference to the “patient”.

    If school children start learning about first aid we have made a change for the better. If school children ever come across a situation where we need to assist first aid at least we would know what to do.

    That’s why I strongly believe that school children should learn first aid.

  9. I believe First Aid should be taught in school for the reasons below.
    It would prepare us for a situation where depending on what happens in the first 10 to 15 minutes, we could save someone’s life.
    We would not be in the position where we don’t know what to do and feel helpless.
    Even if a child only knew the basics of First aid and the parent was unconscious, putting the adult in the recovery position could save their life.
    That is why I strongly believe that primary and secondary school children should be taught first aid.

  10. I think that First Aid should be taught at primary school in Year 6.
    I think that if you were in a life or death position a little bit of knowledge could help save someone’s life. If you learnt about First Aid it can be a skill you can keep for your life.
    If First Aid was taught in grade 6 there wouldn’t be as many deaths and people wouldn’t panic as much.

  11. To Mrs Kane

    I think we should be taught First Aid at school.
    If you are the only person around when someone gets hurt, you can assist them while the ambulance is coming. The skills that you learn you have for life and you understand more about what you should do in an emergency.
    This is the reason that I think we should be taught first aid at school
    From Rowan

  12. I think that children in primary school should be able to be taught FIRST AID because it is an opportunity for the children to learn what First Aid is and how you can help others. It will be a great thing for kids to learn. It is a great opportunity for the children in the future so they have the knowledge to help others and themselves.You can you can look after someone who is injured while professional help is coming.

    That is why I think children should be taught First Aid in primary school.

  13. I believe that First Aid should definitely be taught at schools. If there was an accident happening right in front of, you as a primary school student, would just sit there and blink?
    Anything can happen to make it a life or death situation. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Dealing with a sick patient can turn into a life and death consequence.
    Just knowing the simple basic actions can save somebody’s life.
    This is why I believe the first aid should definitely be taught in school.

  14. I strongly believe that year 6 primary students should be taught how to use First Aid because you will never know when or where you will need to give someone medical attention.
    Students should be taught and given a rough idea on what to do when someone is injured. Helping someone that is injured and putting them in the recovery position may mean the difference between life and death. If an adult gets knocked out put them in the recovery position until they wake up.

  15. Should First Aid be taught in schools?

    I think First Aid should be taught in schools.
    In our class nearly everyone said ‘yes first aid should be taught in schools’ on our survey.

    Knowing one little thing can save someone’s life.
    If you are in a life threatening situation you will know what to do until a professional arrives.
    Even Dr Rosenfeld (a world renowned Australian brain surgeon) said that one of the things that kept Molly Meldrum alive was just putting him in the recovery position.
    That is why I think First Aid should be taught in primary schools.

  16. Dear mrs Kane,
    It would be good to learn first aid because it would prepare you for bad situations if someone around you had a bad injury.
    If you wanted to be a paramedic and you knew some of the important basics then that will help you. Say you were out somewhere and someone had an accident and you didn`t have a phone, it could be the matter of life or death.
    Knowing First Aid could help you save someone’s life.
    From Abbey.B

  17. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think that First Aid should be taught at school;
    We never know when we might need it, it may save someone’s life or even help them avoid a serious injury.
    We all like to play sports, like footy and cricket, if we knew the basic First Aid principals this could be a life saving advantage. Example: we are playing footy on the oval and someone goes for a mark and misses, then hits their head on the ground, they maybe knocked unconcious or have a concussion.
    If we knew first aid, we would know the right steps to take while waiting for a teacher to come and then notify medical specialists. The time saved by doing this would give the person a greater chance of avoiding a more serious injury.

    • Thank you Ethan for your comment.
      I am guessing that you have shared today’s discussion with mum.
      Great work for taking the time to do this.
      Your comment shows a great deal of thought. well done!!!
      Mrs Kane

  18. Dear Mrs Kane

    In my opinion I think schools should be taught first aid.

    Because if you’re in a country town you could learn how to treat a snake bite, call an ambulance, how to answer the questions the ambulance officer could ask, how to treat a deep wound and or treat a loved one or friend.

    If you only know the recovery position you can still save someone’s life. It can help in sport and in the school yard. If you teach students first aid it can help then have more chance of getting jobs when they grow up.

    As you see I strongly believe that first aid should be taught in primary and secondary school.

    • Alex,
      thankyou for your comment.
      I know that being a scout also provides you with some of the skills we talked about in class on Wednesday. I was interested to learn about the badges you have been working on. Keep up the good work on that front. (You might need mum or dad to explain what ‘on that front’ means)
      Mrs Kane.

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