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  1. Hello my name is Mehvish I am a student from Penn Wood Primary and nursery school. I am 10 years old and I live in England (UK).I have a pet rabbit named Abbey. Our school starts at ten to nine and finishes at three fifteen. There are a few questions that I would like to ask:
    .Why do you say grade 6B?
    .What does your uniform like?
    .Do you have a pet? If you do what is it?
    .Do you have an after school?

  2. Hello my name is Michal. In art I have been doing colouring then we potted black paint on it finely miss gave us a sharp pen so we can scraped a picture of something.

  3. Hello my name Salem , I’m ten years old at Penn Wood School in year 6, what time break time and lunch time for you at school and how long is it? As well as that do you leaver year 6 assembly , when the year 6 get a gift then sing a song that them in puddle full of tears.

  4. Hello my name is Taimur and I go to Penn wood school in year 6.
    Do you have golden time? We do if we’re good in class.
    When do you have lunch?
    Is the lunch good?
    What time do you leave school and go school?
    We go to school @ 8:50am to 3:15pm.

  5. Hi my name is Mehvish I am 10 years old I live in England,Slough.I am a student from Penn Wood Primary and nusery school.My favourite hobby is swimming,I have a pet rabbit named Abbey.My favourite subject is art and ICT,In our school we wear a dark green uniform with a heart on top.My friends are Nimra,Marriah and Natasha.There are a few Questions I would like to ask:
    >Do you have a pet?
    >If you do,what is it?
    >What uniform do you wear?
    >What are your favourite subject?
    >What is your favourite food?
    >What is your friends name?
    >What is your favourite sport?…Mine is gymnastics
    >Do you have sports day?
    >Do you have ICT?
    P.S.please write back

    • Hi Mehvish
      My name is Livi and I am 11 years old. I am a grade 6 student at New Gisborne Primary school. So following your questions.. Yes, I do have pets… 2 dogs (Chase and Tia) a lizard (Anican) 5 chickens including a rooster(They do not have names). At school we have a Yellow T-shirt and have blue bottoms ( shorts, pants). My favorite subjects are sport and maths because that is what I find I am most good at. Favorite food would have to be pizza and hot chips. Well I have a lot of friends so I can not name them all um.. Ruby, Erin, Catilyn, Elise, Kyra, Tyla, Jack, Lee, Abbey and Sophie etc. I play sport every night of the week so it is hard to choose but I will have to go for Netball. Yes, we have sport days but that is when we vs different schools around the area. Yeh, ICT is SO COOl we have our own net books ( computers) that we spend most of the day on. I cannot wait to talk to you and learn all about you,
      talk soon

  6. Hi,
    My name is Nida I am in Year 6 Mr Hart’s class. I go to Pennwood Primary and nursery school in England. I would like to know ……
    What is school like in Australia?
    What colour uniform do you wear?
    What kind of sports do you play in Australia?
    Your Sincerely,

    • Dear Nida,
      We are Livi and Ruby! We are best friends and we go to New Gisborne Primary School. We are both in Mrs Kane’s grade 6B. In Australia, we live in Victoria which is above the island. (Tasmania) At the moment the weather is on and off hot and cold. Very unpleasant. We have a yellow t-shirt and navy blue jackets and pants/shorts. Livi plays netball and is extremely good. (She got into a state team!) She likes tennis and softball. Ruby likes softball, basketball and track events in athletics. We are extremely competetive as we are both very sporty and fast. Do you like sport? Where in England do you live? Please write back to us!
      Ruby & Livi! 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Livi & Ruby,
        I am very pleased thath you replied to my comment, also these are the answers to your questions:
        >What is my favorite sport?
        My favorite sport is Tennis and Gymnastics.
        >Where in England do I live?
        The part of England I live in is Slough.
        Yours Sincerely,
        P.S Do write back

  7. hi mrs krane its kacey again. i would like to know what is your favrouite sport.
    and these are some more questions:
    do you wear uniform
    do you live near the beach

    • Hello Kacey,
      I love the water. I enjoy swimming especially in the surf. I spend my Summer holiday at Ocean Grove. ( perhaps you could google that so you can see where it is located in relation to Gisborne) It is about an hour and 45 minute drive from my home.
      Ocean Grove is a surf beach. The sand seems to go on forever…it stretches along the coast for about 6 kilometres.

      So Kacey…I would like to know how you spent your recent Summer vacation. Do you like the beach?

      I look forward from hearing from you again,
      Mrs Kane.

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  9. Hi My name is Sofia and I am in 6B and I am 13
    I have brown hair, Hazel eyes and my favourite hobby is Gymnastics I am in the squad group the highest in the Gym I train 3 times a week I do three hours on Tuesdays I do three hours on Thursdays and I do three hours on Saturday mornings.
    I have a number of questions to ask you. So I know some things about you.
    Do you like Gymnastics ?
    Where do you live, I live in the country I have a big block of land ?
    What is your favourite hobby ?
    Do you have any Animals ?
    Where is your school ?
    Have you been in any inter school sports ?
    How many friends do you have ?
    How old are you ?
    How many people do you have in your family ?

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