11 thoughts on “Monster bookmarks…thank you GlenHills!

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I really enjoyed making the bookmarks today they were really fun I hope we get to do more sessions making bookmarks again.
    from Sean

    • Sean,
      I agree …it was a fun activity. I think we should have a Prep Buddy session where you have the opportunity to teach your prep buddy how to make a fun bookmark.
      Watch this space. I will post the photos of your creations.
      Sometimes the hard work of creating and inventing is fun!
      Solar boats and invention test…here we come!!

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Yesterday was a lot of fun and I did enjoy making the book marks. I keep one on my netbook whilst in use and keep one for my book of course .I also believe it would be a lot of fun to teach our buddies how to make and decorate them.

    From Elise

  3. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I wish I was there to make those really cool bookmarks but I wasn’t I was at Softball or at home healing my ankle. So I wish I was there.

  4. Hi Mrs Kane
    I had so much fun making the monster book marks. Can we do them again with the whole grade this time. I made some at home I made a freaky alien to go on to my computer at home.

    From Olivia

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