More Quadblogging questions…

We have been able to learn much about our schools …the differences and the similarities.

Come on…what else would you like to know?

We would really like you to ask us about our favourite television show or movie, books we have read , sport that we play,the weather, the  music we listen to or our favourite place to holiday.

We will get right back to you.

So ask away.


51 thoughts on “More Quadblogging questions…

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering, what’s your favourite…..
    -subject at school
    -T.V series
    -animal and
    Write back soon!

    • Hi I’m Sam and my favourite
      Place-Biggin Hill
      Subject at school-P.E
      Movie-Skyfall by James Bond
      T.V Series-Hawaii five o
      Drink-Mountain due
      Colour-Bright colours

      • Hi Sam,
        Thank you so much for replying. My favourites are:
        Place-amusment parks
        Subject at school-P.E also!
        Movie-The Blind Side and Mean Girls 1 and 2
        T.V series-Home and Away
        Drink-iced Chocolate
        Colour-fluro green and pink contrasting
        Do you have any questions for me??

        • Hello Ruby,
          It’s Sam that’s on the other sideof the class room
          Shops: Rebel sport, Boltons dirtbikes and Ivanhoe Cycles
          Animal: Cows and dogs
          Place: The farm and going for rides in the bush
          Drink: Coke
          T.V Series: Nitro Circus
          Movie: Iron Man 2 and The Avengers
          Kind regards Sam

  2. Hi my name is Olivia, I go to New Gisborne Primary School.
    How are you?
    Can you answer some of these questions for me!
    What is your favourite television show?
    What is your favourite movie?
    What is your favourite book?
    What type of sport do you like to play?
    How is the weather up there?
    What music do you listen to?
    What is your favourite place to go on a holiday?
    Write me back,
    From Olivia 🙂

    • Hi I’m Brody,
      I think you should get a horse. I used to have one but then we sold it because we moved houses. You have to choose the right one or it might buck you off.

    • Hi Harry
      Thank you for writing to me.
      Riding a horse is so much fun. And riding one isnt that hard. You should get a horse you will fall in love with them.
      Write me back Olivia 🙂

    • Hi Harry
      I have been riding horses for about 6 years. My mum and dad rode when they were young. My Grandad was a breeder of Palomino’s, Shetlands, Australian Stock Horses, Quarter Horses and many more. I ride an Australian Riding pony who I have had for 3 years. Horse riding is a lot of fun but you need to trust the horse as horses can feel if you afraid of something then they think that there is something to be afraid of so then they’re afraid. Horses are probably the most expensive animals to own. If you want a quiet trustable but strong athletic horse then a Quarter Horse is probably what you’re looking for but if you’re looking for something to learn to ride on its better to get an old horse that has done everything and is probably not as forward as others. I would stay away from thoroughbreds or Arabians as they are usually unpredictable and flighty.
      Hope I’ve been some help.

  3. Hi, I’m Ben from BHPS. I wanted to ask some questions so here they are.

    1. Whats your favourite sport?
    2. Whats your favourite movie?
    3. Whats your favourite subejct at school?
    4. Whats your favourite food?
    5. Do you live near the beach?
    6. What climate is it out in Australia?
    7. What drink do you like the most?
    8. How many friends do you have?
    9. Do you have any game consoles?
    10. Is your teacher strict?

    • Hello Ben,
      My favourite sport is cricket. At the start of the year I tried out for the state team. And my favourite player is James Pattinson he is a pass bowler. My favourite movie would be Ace Ventura. It is the worlds best movie as it’s funny I think you should watch it. I’ve got an Xbox 360 I’m hoping I can get Halo 4.
      From Sam

      • Hi Sam, it’s me Ben.
        Thanks for replying. I have seen Ace Ventura, it’s really funny. I really want to get Halo 4 as well, i’ve seen the trailer it looks good. Anyway, i’d like to ask what Australia is like, is it mostly sunny? Also feel free to ask me some questions if you wish!

    • Hey it’s Austin
      I am here to answer your questions.
      ~Hard to chose
      ~No I am about 2 hours away
      ~Very Hot at the moment
      ~A lot but none are best friends
      ~Yes I do a PS3 plus an iPod, a Nintendo DS lite and a family computer
      ~Yes that is why she is called Mrs Cane (Joking) But yes she is very strict

    • Hi Ben.
      My favourite sport is Cricket.
      My favourite movie is Matilda.
      My favourite subject at school is Maths.
      My favourite food is macaroni and cheese.
      I do not live near a beach.
      The climate is fine out here.
      My favourite drink is solo.
      I have 16 friends.
      I have 5 game3 consoles.
      My teacher is not strict.
      From Olivia 

    • Hi Ben my name is Kyra and I go to New Gisborne Primary School.
      I don’t live near the beach, the closest beach to me is Port Melbourne. The closest open beach would be about an hour and a half away. What I mean by open beach is one that you can swim and surf at. I go to the beach every so often and enjoy it there.
      Do you live near the beach??
      From Kyra.

    • Hi Alex.
      I have 2 dogs at my mums named Fly and Rusty. I also have a cat named Tilly that I absolutley LOVE!! I used to have two frogs named Apple Pie and Swany (after Dane Swan from Collingwood F.C) Do you havee any pets??

    • Hello Alex,
      I’ve got a dog he is called Oscar and he is a dalmatian, around about 600 cows all Poll Herofords and about 200 sheep and they are Southdowns.
      Kind regards Sam

  4. Hi. I’m from BHPS and i want to ask some questions.
    What do ou do in your spare time?
    Do you enjoy school?
    Doyou walk home by yourself?
    Do you have a smart phone?
    Would you come to school on a weekend if you were aloud to?
    Thanks. 8)

  5. Hi my name is Lucy, i go to BHPS i was wondering what are your favourite …..

    T.v (film)
    Computer game

    • Hi Lucy,
      I’m Ruby. To answer your questions:
      -The duo Girl, Missing and Sister, Missing. There is a third one called Me, Missing. I would definitley recommend them!
      -Home and Away and movie would be The Blind Side
      -iced chocolate
      -Home Sheep Home
      -dont have one.
      Can you answer your own questions?

  6. Hi my name is Eleanor Buckely, I go to Biggin Hill Primary i would like to ask you what is your favourite animal, hobby and book hope you reply.

    • Hi Eleanor. My name is Kyra.
      My favourite animal is an Elephant.
      My hobbies are netball and swimming.
      My favourite book is Wings by Aprilynne Pike.
      What do you do in your spare time.

    • Hi Eleanor
      My name is Ashleigh from NGPS.
      My favourite animal is Horses.
      I have a lot of hobbies such as Horse riding, Netball and craft. My favourite is Horse riding though.
      My favourite book is the silver brumby century addition it has like 600 pages and I haven’t finished it.

  7. hi Olivia this is gracie speaking I am feeling brilliant and I am realy looking forward to going to sky studios are next school trip. sorry i will reply to more howeve I must go.

    • Hi Gracie.
      Thanks for writing me back.
      Thats great on our school trip we played kangaroo cricket.
      It was so fun.
      What do you do when you go there?
      Write me back Olivia 🙂 😀

  8. Hi my name is Hayley,

    I am from New Gisborne Primary School in Mrs Kane’s class (6B). New Gisborne is a rural type of town. At home enjoy riding my two ponies. One of them named Miss Puss who I have just retired. Right before I retired her earlier this year I competed at the Austrian Grand Nationals. Grand Nationals is similar to the Olympics however as Nation-wide. The Grand Nationals you are against people from all over Australasia. It is held where they held the Equestrian parts of the Olympics. I have never been to such a beautiful place. Soon she will have a young foal. My other pony is named Poppy. I have lately been competing with her. In a few days I will be competing with her in the Geelong Royal Show.
    What are your hobbies?

    At school they have four Tournament of Minds Teams. They are grade 3/4 Language, grade 5/6 language, grade 5/6 social science and the grade 5/6 Maths Engineering. I was in the Maths Engineering team. On one Saturday last term all of the teams drove to La Trobe University in Bendigo, Victoria. All the teams were asked to make their own act about their question that was given to them. On the day they gave us a Spontaneous Challenge where we had to answer a question that they only given us on the day. My team came second.
    Do you have any activities similar to this at your school?

    At school we have Netbooks. Netbooks are similar to a mini-laptop. There all sorts of kinds of them. All of the grade 4’s, 5’s and 6’s have received a Netbook to use for school-work.
    What type of technology does your school have?

    At school they have given us the opportunity to do many activities that we can compete against other schools. For example, netball and swimming. They are named Extra-Curricular activities.
    What Extra-Curricular activities do your school have?


  9. Hi Austin, it’s Ben!

    Thanks for replying. I thought the Mrs Cane strict thing was funny. Anyway I wanted to ask what part of Australia you are, South, East, West, North? And also feel free to ask me any questions!

  10. Hi I’m Alfie from BHPS I want to ask you some questions.
    Do you have mathletics and if yes whenever I get Austalia I never get to go against them on live Mathletics.
    Do you have horses and should I start riding one of my Grandads ones?
    What is one of your favourite things to do in your spare time, mine is to relax and enjoy a cup of lemonade as I only get it sometimes!
    Thanks 😀 Alfie

    • Hi Alfie,
      I am Harrison and my school has and uses Mathletics so we can learn to figure out our tables faster and know them of by heart so we can use them later in life.
      I like relaxing on my bed and playing my guitar. what type of lemonade do you like is the type that is freshly squeezed or out of the Schweppes bottle.
      From Harrison : )

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