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  1. Hi year 6B,
    Why is the earth thought of as ”The Blue Planet”?
    Is it because the earth is the only planet with water, or is there another reason?
    Please answer soon
    Eloise 5/6W

  2. Hi Eloise,
    My name is Ruby.
    The reason Earth is often referred to as the “Blue Planet” is because we are the only planet with visible water on our surface.

  3. Hi Eloise,
    I believe that they call Earth the “Blue Planet” because it is covered in water. Earth is 71% water and 29% of Earth is land. How weird would it be if it was 71% land and 29% water! Barely any water!

    What is your favourite thing to do on land and in the water?
    From Erin

  4. Hi Eloise
    to answer your question. two-thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by water but the remaining one-third is covered by land. I think that’s why it’s called the blue planet.
    Hope that helped Eloise.
    From Alex NGPS

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