Updated ….Solar boat test pool results

Out came the sun, in went the sun.

Out came the boats….some went fast, some slow and some backwards.

Remember….test, evaluate and modify.

…and so the race begins!











35 thoughts on “Updated ….Solar boat test pool results

  1. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I think that our boat has to modify our balsa wood. At the moment it is touching the water and we’ve been told that it will get heavy and start to slow down. We also have to modify the front of the boat. We have to move the weight from the front back a bit so it won’t become a submarine! I was watching Harrison’s boat nosedive every once and a while. I think that his group might need to move the weight back too.

    From Erin

    • Hi Erin,
      my boat is really fast and it does nosedive but I am sure my group will beat Liquid Gold for sure. At the start of the testing my boats balsa wood was in the water and it did slow us down a little bit so we made the wood smaller and pushed it up further on the boat.
      From Harrison : )

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I think our boat did very well because where third on the ladder because our has an average of 9.56. We had to modify our boat because it kept nose diving into the water. So we had to move the panels back as far as we could to stop the boat nose diving. I think a lot of the year 5 boats are doing really well. Considering it’s the year fives first time doing solar boats.

    • Hi Sean,
      Its great to hear that we are sitting on the podium position in 3rd but also how the grade 5 are going. Its there first year of solar boats and they’ve given it there all and its paid off. They are going very well and next year when they do it they will have a lot of experience and and might be successful !

      From Edgar

  3. Hi Mrs Kane,
    What our group[Sting Ray] needs to do is to shift most of the wait backwards. That means a lot of hard work including making the wiring longer and trying to make the solar boat work more effectively than before.

  4. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I believe that we need to change the circuit because all the connections are very loose. I also think that our hull needs a huge amount of improvement because it keeps resisting the water such as making the hull a lot thinner so it can cut through the water and lifting the boat up so that the propeller stay right in the water and not half out.

    • Hi Ashley,
      I think our boat is to hevey because when its out of the water it sounds really fast but when we put it in it goes slow.

      From Brody

  5. Hello Mrs Kane,
    All the boats are running beautifully. Yesterday was a very strange day weather wise but I guess it’s sunny Gisborne. Our boat was going across the well enough to get us into the top fifteen but it wasn’t going as well as we hoped for, so today we’re going to design a whole new hull that cuts through the water. We hope that this helps our time and gives us a better average.
    Regards Sam

    • Hi Sam

      I agree with what your saying about the boat. If our boat does go slower we could try different panels. What do you think?

      From Jack P

    • Hi Sam,
      Your boat is quite a good boat but I’m not sure two solar panels are going to provide enough energy for your boat. Maybe you should try using three solar panels because it could make your boat faster and may help balance it more.
      Just suggesting

  6. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Our boat the Sting Ray needs to make the weight go from the front to the back, but I just need to put all the solar panels further back on the boat to tip it backwards. I also need to rewire the switch instead of wiring the 6 switch I am going to wire the 3 switch just to turn it on and off.

    from Harrison

  7. ABSEA

    We have had trouble with our boat because one day it works fine and the next day it wouldn’t even go. So we had to rewire the circuit but it still wasn’t as good as it was. We’ve been trying to get the circuit good but the connection still isn’t very good. We have to get the alignment right so it gets straight. The main problem is the circuit.

  8. Dear Mrs Kane,
    Only the top 15 go in and our boat is 17 hopefully today we can going and try squeeze into the top 15. It would be good to go but there are some really good boats in the competition and the grade 5s boats are great. They go really fast so we have to make sure our wiring is right and try and get less weight from the top and spread it round the boat.
    From Abbey!

  9. Hi Mrs Kane
    Our group Sunsational has to modify the tip of the boat due to it being sanded too much on one side causing it to having poor lineament. We will also have to make another racing hull in case our 1st racing hull isn’t working out on the day and goes under like a submarine.

  10. Hello Mrs Kane,

    I think we need to add another panel to our solar boat to make it much stronger in speed I think once we do that it will be much more competitive. After we add another panel we have to take the solar panels right back on the boat. Finally we have to bring the balsa wood out of the water more so it doesn’t get damp and heavy.


    • Hi Nick
      With the solar panel good thinking to put another solar panel on your boat but saying that adding another solar panel may either make your boat faster or slow your boat down because of extra weight. But this is only my opinion do whatever you want.
      From Alex

  11. Water Runner

    One of Water Runners main problems with our boat was having our outa shaft secure. The axle bracket wasn’t securing the inner and outa shaft. The way we fixed this problem had to get to new axle brackets and then putting the shafts through the axle bracket so then it could fit. We also added sticky tap just to make it a bit more firm. Another problem we had was our photo voltaic cells were caring over half of our weight at the front of the boat and made the boat nose dive. The way we solved this problem was sticky taping 2 of our photo voltaic cells at the back and then replacing the other 2 and bringing them a little more back. When we tested our boat it didn’t nose dive.

    From Edgar

  12. Hi Mrs Kane,
    My group includes Livi, Roby, Lee and myself. Our boat is called Sunny Buoy. This week Livi has been away, so we have had to do with 3 people. Some modifications that we need to do are re-wiring so that our photo voltaic cells have the ability to move back in order to distribute the weight evenly. Some other modifications that we have to make are we are thinking about whether we should or shouldn’t place polystyrene blocks for the back 2 photo voltaic cells to rest on.
    I am very surprised at some of the grade 5’s efforts with their boats. Last year I remember that hardly any boats did a good job, so to see that this year there are about 3 or 4 boats in the top 15 is great!!!

    • Hi Ruby,
      I thought that it was very frustrating that we had to rewire so much, I also think that we need to get more wire so we can move the photo voltaic cells back to make the weight balanced around the boat. I was extremely surprised that grade 5’s are in 4th and 5th place because last year only one boat went on to what was Gisborne Primary last year.

    • Hi Ruby,
      I definitely agree with you in saying that our boat needs a few modifications. I am sure that our boat is absolutely capable of going faster and a few changes will help that.

  13. Hello Mrs Kane
    Even though we are the second fastest boat (Sting Ray) we need to do 2 modifications. Firstly we need to move the photo voltaic cells (solar panels) further back so we don’t nose dive and that we don’t have the risk of the photo voltaic cells (solar panels) don’t fall into the water. Secondly we also are going to try wiring a three prong switch instead of a six prong switch to see if it changes to the way our boat moves through the water.
    From Alex

  14. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Our boat isn’t the best but after re-wiring so many times we at least made the top 15, so far. Our next goal is to try and knock out some of our recorded times. As a group I think we work well although to modify our boat we need to fix the motor as it makes a funny noise and does not let our propeller and shaft work fast enough. Some feedback that you and Mr Rogers gave us was to fiddle around with the balsa wood to try making our boat become a lot straighter to allow the boat to go faster. However I believe our hull shape is good along with the way that we have positioned all the resources that we were given to allow our boat to be a balanced weight.

    From Elise

    • Hi Elise,
      we are going to test out as many photovoltaic cells and engines today and hopefully get our average to be around 10 seconds. Yesterday we cut down the hull a lot and that also should make it faster as well.
      From Lachie

  15. Hi Mrs Kane,
    The problem with our boat is there is too much weight at the front of our boat. We had our boat in the water once and as I was walking beside it I could see that the tip of our boat was sinking in the water. I also saw that our boat was all over the place. After the race we took our boat back to examine what happened. Then Bianca spotted that the balsa wood was not taped down properly. When we were about to fix it and stick down the Photo Voltaic Cells we were called to come in. When we came in Mr Rogers held up our boat and told us our boat had too much weight.

    From Olivia

  16. Dear Mrs Kane,
    Although our boat ‘@C’ is in the top 15 it is not running extremely well. We have it going but the speed is slow. It was going even slower before we made the modifications. One of the modifications we made was to remove some polystyrene from the front of the hull because it was too heavy. Another modification was to move the photo voltaic cells further back to also remove the weight from the front. I think that our group has done a good job with our modifications and that if we continue persisting with getting our boat to perfection we will do well.
    From Caitlyn

  17. Hi Mrs Kane
    My group boat is Blue Bull we are currently 6th the thing we need to improve is our hull because it sometimes crashes into the wall and this causes the boat to have a slower time so now we are creating a new hull to cut through the water faster and to make sure it doesn’t crash into the walls. Our boat is also really fast with just 2 photovoltaic cells. Overall I think that all the boats that have placed all 10 times are going really well.

  18. Hi Mrs Kane,

    Our group’s boat is named “Sunsational”.
    One of the modifications we have done was by putting electrical tape around the outer shaft to make it not vibrate.
    Another was to rewire the circuit around slightly so the boat would not go backwards.
    Also we have made our balsa wood go on the wedge so it would go faster in the water.
    Our team has moved the solar panels back so the boat does not go face first in the water.
    Our group still needs to make another racing hull just in case something happens to the first one.
    Those were just some of the modifications that we have done or are going to do.

    Our placing is eighth and our fastest time is 9.24 seconds.


  19. Hi Mrs Kane,

    My group and I named our boat Sunsational because the first three letters make up sun and the sun is used in to work the solar panels and sensational is used because our group’s boat is sensational.

    Our boat has occasionally had trouble with the wiring and getting the motor starting up but when we keep fiddling with it, it starts to work way better.
    Our groups times have been really good they have been around 10 and one 9 so my goal is now to get under 9.

    From Sofia

  20. Hi Mrs Kane
    My solar boat team is going really wall. But I have been having difficulties with the circuit because one day it was working then the next it wasn’t. If there is an explanation for this can you please tell me thank you.
    From Hollie.

  21. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think the grades five are doing much better job on the solar boats than we did in great five but I think we are doing a great job at solar boats.

  22. Dear Zach,

    To answer your question…all the Year 5 and 6 students were involved in the Solar Boat Challenge. There were about 4 or children in each group, so therefore about 27 boats.
    The groups that make it into the ‘top ten’ with the fastest average time get to compete this Monday at Sunbury Primary school.
    The table on the post above will tells you who they were. The boat names in red are the Year 5 boats. The Year 5 students did very well this year.

    Thank you for your question Zach,
    Mrs Kane.

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