Hard yakka…

Today I read the picture story book “The Flying Emu” by Bruce Whatley.

There’s always a catch… yes, you had to write . 

I told you  that writing is one of the most challenging tasks you will attempt this year .

Writing is creating. It is ‘hard yakka’ !

What was the most challenging paragraph for you to compose and why?

What did you learn about writing for an audience?

 Would you like to share a part of your writing that you are particularly proud of ? Please do!


18 thoughts on “Hard yakka…

  1. Dear Mrs Kane from writing to an audience you get vital feedback to improve your story if you didn’t get feed back the you woudn’t know if youre right or wrong.

  2. Dear 5/6B,

    I found this piece most challenging as you had to analyse the text and then write a piece about your thoughts and the conclusion of the story line. Furthermore it was a fun piece as we all challenged ourselves and all of the pieces of work turned out great in my mind.

    In relation to writing to an audience I have learnt that by using descriptive language it engages the author. So forth, by learning that I will try to use many adjectives in my writing. I also learnt that adding humour to your piece in specific areas also gets the audience’s attention.

    A area of my writing I am proud of is my paragraph about the hidden message ‘’ Even though the Flying Emu is somewhat a short picture story book it has a deeper message then meets the eye. I think the message is about never giving up even if something seems impossible. The story has a connection with the author through his own life inspiring when he was born with a damaged arm and his mum dedicating herself to fix it for his own wellbeing.’’

    By Lachlan 5/6B

    • Lachie…what an awesome comment!!
      It proves to me that this writing task has challenged you as a writer
      Great job,
      Mrs Kane

  3. In class we had to write about a picture story book called The Flying Emu written by Bruce Whatley. It was quite hard piece of writing to write about but I was still able to complete the writing piece also I am going to put some of my writing into the comment and this is it.

    “In The Flying Emu a very persistent emu who wanted to fly but emus are big and have tiny wings so they can’t fly or can they? So the emu gets help from a wacky kangaroo called Earl Grey who invents all kinds of crazy things. With Earl Greys help was on his way to being able to fly”.

    That was it and I hope you liked it.

    From Alex

  4. Hi Mrs Kane
    For me the hardest paragraph was the 3rd one about the hidden message in the story. I thought this paragraph was the hardest because you really had to think about it, but after Mrs Kane read the piece about the author the answer came to me straight away.
    From Kate

    • Hi Kate,

      Do think you did well with your writing?
      Do you like year 6 so far?
      High School is going well, I’ve made some knew friends named Joel, Nick and Tom.

      Have great fun,
      Jack in 7C MY3

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,
    The most challenging paragraph for me was the 3rd one, “the hidden meaning” I found this one the most challenging because I had to really think hard about what the meaning behind the book was. When Mrs Kane read out the part about Bruce’s childhood the meaning just came to me.
    From Hannah

    • Hannah,
      When I read the “about the author’ on the inside cover of the book I realised that, like you, there was a real purpose for the publishing of this book. Bruce Whatley wanted to share what he had experienced during his childhood. He wanted to send a clear message.
      Your comment and more importantly, your writing, proves that he was successful.
      Well done!
      Mrs Kane.

  6. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I really did enjoy the writing task because of the inspiring story and hidden message that can be found in the wonderful book. Whilst writing some parts came easily to put in a paragraph, but others were harder, one of them that I found harder was the section to diagnose the hidden message. The message was easily found but it was difficult to put into a flowing sentence because there were so many different parts and attributes. Personally I found the Bruce’s story was really inspiring due to the hard work and persistence that his mum put in.
    – Callum

    • Callum…I find your writing inspiring.
      The way you used the word diagnosis ( in your writing) is interesting. I agree with you in that Bruce’s story makes us think about what might be possible if we feel strongly enough about what it is we want to achieve.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Mrs Kane

  7. Dear Mrs. Kane,
    I learnt a lot about writing to an audience. I discovered that you have to make it sound like someone is talking to another. It has to be casual, but informative with a good use of vocabulary. I used this strategy mostly in the first paragraph and it wasn’t really useful after that. But it was a useful thing to learn, and I’m sure to use it later on in school!
    By AJ

    • A.J.
      I agree with you when you say that sometimes…writing as if you wre having a conversation is very entertaining. There are many other ways to obtain the audience’s interest. You have a talent for writng and I look forward to presenting you with opportunities to challenge and develop your skills
      Mrs Kane

  8. Dear Mrs Kane,
    The most challenging paragraph I wrote was the 3rd one “the hidden message” this was the most challenging part because it’s hard to actually think about what the hidden message could be. When Mrs Kane read out the part of Bruce Whatley’s childhood I got an idea of what the hidden message could of been.
    From Olivia

    • Hi Liv,

      I remember writing my version “Farmer Duck” I also found the third paragraph hard.
      Do you like year 6 so far?
      High School is going well, today our humanities teacher was late and there was 15 mins of dead silence, which felt like an eternity.

      Have great fun, Jack in 7C MY3

  9. The Flying Emu
    Today Mrs Kane was going to read us a picture story book. Us as students we had a choice to pick one of the four paragraphs we wrote I chose paragraph number 2 and this is what I wrote. Today Mrs Kane was going to read us a picture story book. To be honest with you I was a little embarrassed because I mean seriously were not preps and this is a grade 5/6 class you know. I wanted to share this paragraph because I liked the humour that I put in and the way I liked the way I wrote it.

  10. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I think the most challenging paragraph was the intro because at first it started out really boring. Then I typed it with loads of expression but it still sounded like something a computer would say then while I typed it up on my net book it came to me. An awesome introduction for my writing .
    Thanks Caroline

  11. Dear Mrs Kane,
    The part of my writing that I am most proud of is this part.
    ‘The Flying Emu is about an emu, who desperately wants to fly. He tries everything, but nothing seems to work. When he trips over Pa Roo, he might have a small chance. Not all of Earl Grey’s wacky inventions work though. Everything is ready, but will the wild invention work? ‘
    I like this part because I like the way all off my ideas fit together. I also like I have used some interesting words.
    From Chloe

  12. Hi Hannah,

    I can insure you there is some harder writing to be done but it will be great.
    Do you like year 6 so far?
    High School is going well, today I had a double Food Tech. which means we got to make truffles, they were delicious!

    Have great fun,
    Jack in 7C MY3

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