What’s my angle…?

Test your  knowledge of angles. These links will take you to sites that will do just that.






Good Luck!




4 thoughts on “What’s my angle…?

  1. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I really like how you have recommended some sites to visit to improve our knowledge of angles. I found the second one very useful and it really helped me understand how to properly use a protractor and how to correctly use it accurately. The first site helped in estimating the degree of angles although after a while I found it a bit too easy. Some of the other sites were challenging and overall I think that all of the sites tested my knowledge of angles in one way or another.

    From Emily

  2. Hi Mrs Kane my name is Xanthe and I’m from Mr Kane’s grade.
    I think that the angle games are really helpful but hard sometimes.I forget some of the angles sometimes though :).

  3. Hi Mrs.Kane,
    My name is Hugh from Mr.Kane’s class.
    We have mathletics homework. (on the computer.) We also have
    spelling activitys that we do in our books.

    from Hugh

    Mr.Kane’s 56/B
    P.S you have so many visits!

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