Our Aussie Poems…

 Our class blog tagline is ‘for communicating, presenting, sharing and reflecting’. Often we also need to acknowledge and celebrate the effort you have applied to a task so …awesome effort 5/6 B!

Double click on the image below to view the students’ poems.


My Australia...poems

2 thoughts on “Our Aussie Poems…

  1. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I love how you have done the set out of the poems it is like a tecbook. I reckon that this idea is better the posting one after another. When we get our own blogs I would love for you to teach me.
    From Brie

    • Hello Brie,
      I am looking forward to the opportunities that having your own blog will open up to you. Being a blogger comes with responsibility and an awareness of cyber safety. That will be a pre-requesite. ( ask mum or dad what this means).
      You will be able to publish your work ( yes using Youblisher if you wish), your opinions and much more.
      Lets hope we can get this happening sooner than later.
      Mrs Kane

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