Crop Circles…who created them and why?

Have you ever wondered about who or what is responsible for the mysterious appearence of crop circles. Is it the work of little green men from Mars?

This term we will focus on creating our own crop circle designs….with a few design criteria of course.

Here is an image ( courtesy of Google Maps ), of what I saw from my flight from the Gold Coast today  ( central NSW, north of Griffith) flying at an altitude of about 11,000 metres.

What do you think? How is this possible?

Once again…you be the detective.



11 thoughts on “Crop Circles…who created them and why?

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,

    I was very interested in discovering more about Crop Circles, so I asked my dad his opinion, but I also researched it on the internet. Dad believes that they might be created by hoaxes, but there is no evidence so no one can be sure. I agree with dad, but as I said there is no evidence so many people believe that they are created by undetectable Earth energy fields. It has been found that in the late 1900’s hoaxers owned up to their pranks but that was a while ago so who knows how they are made? I can’t wait to create some designs at school. See you tomorrow.

    From Emily

    • Emily,
      Your dad’s opinion is one shared by many. Others believe in more fanciful explanations such as the ‘artistic beings from a galaxy far, far away’ theory.
      Either way, when you look at the complexity of some these geometric works of art, they are intriguing to say the least.
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Although I dont know much about crop circles I am very interested in them and doing more research and maybe solving the mystery that surrounds crop circles. I am also looking forward to making our own crop circle designs.
    From Olivia

    • Yes Olivia,
      I found that the more I investigated crop circles the more intrigued I became.
      I look forward to what you will produce in relation to a crop circle design.
      Mrs Kane

  3. Dear Mrs. Kane,
    The crop circles look cool from above. It seems really interesting to learn about even though I don’t know very much about them.
    From Kate

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I really like crop circles but I only know very little. I don’t know what to believe, people say that aliens made them or its just people pranking everyone. What do you think? I’m looking forward to designing our own crop circles.
    From Jake

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I have thought about the idea of how crop circels came about and I really have no idea. I would like to investigate more about this and how they came about. I do have question. You said that we have to come up with a design but I do not get what the design is of?
    From Brie

  6. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I just looked up Tully (Saucer Nest). It began when farmer George Pedley was driving a tractor on January 19, 1966. At around 9am, Pedley heard a hissing sound and then claimed to have seen a “flying saucer” rise from the swamp in Horseshoe Lagoon, and fly away. The crop circle actually looked like it was made by a U.F.O.
    From Sarah

  7. Dear Mrs. Kane
    I have been thinking about the crop circles and it is my opinion that they are hoaxes. Several people have claimed responsibility of crop circles, and due to my disbelief of extra-terrestrials I highly doubt the honesty of those who say they have seen “U.F.O.s”.
    From AJ

    • A J…
      Yes could imagine you would be sceptical of such things as extra terrestrials.
      So what or who, do think created them?

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