Worth it’s weight in gold…a maths inquiry

Since the discovery of gold in Australia 1851, there have been a number of sizable nuggets uncovered…from 1850 something to present day.
Your task is to research these discoveries.  You will calculate their value in AUD ( what does this mean?) and present this information three ways.

  • using Excel create a table , showing  year, location,name if supplied, weight in troy ounces, size and dollar value today.
  • create a graph…this is quantative data. Which graph format will be most appropriate?
  • Year 6 students will need to also show the comparative value of each nugget as a perentage of the toatl value of all nuggets. Which graph format is most suitable for this task?
  • you will record a response using audio or video.. to share your learning.

And by the way…this will be a partner  task….Good Luck!


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