What is your preferred learning style?

This morning you completed the Multiple Intelligences survey.

What did you discover  about yourself as a learner?

What were the intelligences you rated most highly on?

Do you agree with what this? Why?  Why not?


24 thoughts on “What is your preferred learning style?

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,

    I found out that my top two intelligences are Linguistic and Interpersonal. I agree with the Interpersonal intelligence because I think I am good with people and I know when my friends are sad or happy, in trouble, depressed or in a good mood or in a bad mood.

    I also agree with the Linguistic intelligence because I am good at spelling, writing stories and coming up with ideas for group activities.

    Thanks for reading my comment and I hope I have covered all of the set challenges.

    From Emma

    • Great Comment Emma,
      I think that it is really important for you to be aware of your strengths so that you can ‘tap into these’ in the classroom wherever possible and practicable.
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Dear Mrs. Kane,

    On Friday we did a survey to find out our multiple intelligences. I found out that my top three intelligences exceeded in being number smart, people smart and myself smart. I had to improve on being body smart, word smart, and music smart. I also found out that each intelligence had distinctive names. Linguistic means word smart and kinaesthetic means body smart. I agree with most of the choices the survey made probably except for the linguistic (word smart) intelligence score. I am usually quite good with words and sentences. I thoroughly enjoyed the survey and recommend for people to do it too.



    • Hello Joseph,
      I really enjoyed reading your comment.
      I especially valued the fact that you took the time to provide an explanation about the meaning of each of the intelligences relevant to you.
      Well done,
      Mrs Kane.

  3. Dear Mrs Kane,
    for me as a learner I am best at my maths and English. I think this because I love to write and I am good with numbers.
    My two strongest intelligence are music and English. I agree with this because I love music and I can read music well.
    From Bec

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,
    When I took the test and got my results I was a bit surprised.
    I agreed that I liked to learn by myself but my literature was low and so was my numbers. My two strongest intelligences were working by myself and music +art. From Zara.

  5. When we did the survey it was interesting what I found out about my strengths.I found out that I’m really interpersonal! I think my results were very accurate. I think this because I learn from advice from people and I try to do good things for other people.


  6. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I discovered that my two best intelligences are interpersonal and musical. I agree that both of them are correct because I’m very kind to others and I can communicate well, and I enjoy making music and rhythms. I also love listening to music and I am good at making beats.

    Kind Regards

    • Hello Angus.
      Congratulations upon sharing the results of your survey.
      I loved reading about your justification for the accuracy of each of these.
      Mrs Kane.

  7. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I disagree with the ‘Body’ scores because I really am not a good body learner and puberty leaner, (I don’t particularly like to learn about the body because it sort of gives me the jiggles/creeps and makes me feel all weird/gross inside).

    I do agree with the ‘Nature’ scores because I really truly like to go outside and do lots of different things. Like play and make games up as I go on and play in the pool.

    From Hayley

    • Hayley,
      Thankyou for your response. I think you have
      probably misunderstood the meaning of this intelligence.
      So, as a class, we need have a conversation about what intelligence really means.
      Mrs Kane.

  8. On Friday we completed a multiple intelligences survey. my name is grace and I found out that my most preferred learning skill is music. music makes me calm and I love to sing so I agree with that. I am really poor at math and I also agree with that because it was low and as I said before I am not very good at math.

  9. Hi Mrs Kane,

    My top 3 scores are, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Logical.
    I agree with my Intrapersonal score because I work well by myself and the thought that you don’t have to worry about anyone while you are working.

    I also agree about my Interpersonal score because when the work is hard you can count on back up with other peoples brain power! It solves your problems easier.

    My last score which would be being Logical which I definitely agree on. I agree on this score because I know I work very well with maths and numbers. This was assured when I got a distinction last year for my UNSW (University of New South Wales) maths test.

    I hope you have enjoyed my comment that I have put up on this blog.

    P.S Tell me whether you liked my comment at school. 🙂 :D.

    From: T.E

  10. Hey Mrs Kane, I did the questionnaire and it said my two top strengths are kinaesthetic and nature smart. In my opinion I thought I was kinaesthetic and linguistic. I thought this because I know I am body smart this is because I love making cubby’s and outdoor activities. Also I know I’m word smart because I like making random stories about silly and serious things. I think I am a little nature smart because I know a lot about animals and plants. Thanks for reading my comment and I think I’ve covered everything. That’s it for me “Charlie out!”
    From Charlie. 

  11. HI Mrs Kane,
    I found out that my two intelligences are kinaesthetic and interpersonal. I agree with interpersonal because I feel like I am good with people, I get on really well with everybody. I find it easy to find friends. That’s why I agree with being good with being interpersonal. I also agree with being kinaesthetic because I love sport and I am pretty good at it.
    From Georgia

  12. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I entered a survey and at the end it would reveal my intelligences, they were musical and interpersonal. I didn’t really agree on and that was that I got a low score which was body smart but I think that I am because I look after my body really well and eat healthy!
    I do agree on the fact that I am musical smart because I love using instruments and singing, another thing that I agree on is that it says that I am Interpersonal and that means that I am smart about myself. I agree with this because I can recognise when I am emotional, sad, happy, scared or exited!
    Thank you for reading

  13. Dear Mrs Kane,
    My two strongest intelligence’s are Music smart and Number smart.
    I agree with the music intelligence. I think that I suit’s me because I love singing but I don’t want to become famous. I love playing instruments like the keyboard the piano the guitar and many more.
    Number smart I don’t know what to say about numbers but anyway.
    Kind regards Molly 5 AWESOME

  14. Hi Mrs Kane,
    My two strongest Intelligences are Interpersonal and Kinaesthetic smart. I agree with Interpersonal because I am really good with people and I know what they are feeling and when they’re in a bad mood or sad I help them. I also agree with kinaesthetic because I look after my body really well. I really like to do sport.
    Kind regards

  15. Dear Mrs Kane
    I found out my two intelligence strengths they’re mine and mine alone. Linguistic and interpersonal I’m happy with both of my top 2 strengths but I had no idea that I was word smart. I sort of agree because I know how to spell pretty well.I liked the activity of finding out my strengths it was fun
    Kind Regards
    From Maddie

  16. Mrs Kane, the website says I’m a people smart but I don’t agree with it doesn’t really fit me as a learner. I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t really make friends that easily. The reason is that I think I’m a word smart learner because I learn from writing, doing crosswords and things like that.
    Thank you. From Jaye

  17. Dear Mrs Kane
    I found out my two intelligences are that I work well with people(interpersonal) and am good with nature. I am good with people because I get along with most people and I work well in a group. I don’t really agree with being nature smart because I don’t spend a lot of time with animals or being outside exploring nature.

  18. This year, for the first time, all of the students at our school took part in the positive start program

    The reason why we did the positive start program was because our school really, wanted to build their school spirit. Also for us building our school community and respecting each-other’s strengths and weaknesses!

    Some of the things that I really enjoyed learning and did learn was that I got to explored myself a lot more when we did our smart learning behaviour goals. A few days later class 5A got to have a discussion about what are some of your personal strengths I thought it was quite hard telling people your strengths without making it sound like boasting. I also loved how Mrs Kane taught me how to play Greedy Pig I thought that it was a very cleaver game because it was a 50-50 percent chance of luck and skill!

    I really enjoyed being part of class room discussions putting in my knowledge and taking in other people’s ideas and suggestions, One of the other things that I really liked doing and being an audience to the bully bull ring, I loved how they made it very funny and engaging but it also taught me a very powerful massage which was standing up for yourself no matter what anyone else says!
    One of the things that I think could have been done a little bit better is that it would have ran a bit smoother is if we had set out all of the things that we were going to show our parents!

    I also think that for next year we could have made our open night a little bit later in the year so that e has more work to share!
    The positive start program was very creative and I thought it was a very good way to get our school more of a community!
    from Jessie rose

  19. This year for the first time all of the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program. The purpose of it was to know my class better and learn more about our class.
    During this time I learnt lots of different things like using Smart Art and lots of different skills and games. I also learnt that Mrs Kane talks a lot and she gave us lots of instructions. This is the best skill to learn.
    I liked the bully bull ring and I enjoyed working in a group.
    When it comes to black hat I couldn’t think of anything because I liked all of it.
    On green hat thinking I reckon that we should have had the open night towards the end of the year.

  20. This year for the first time all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program. The reason for this is to get to know our school better and to get to know other students in the class room better.
    The purposed of this is so the parents know what is going on. During this program I have learnt new things like don’t copy peoples work but work your PERSONAL BEST!!! I have also learnt that if you don’t understand that is ok but if you just sit there and do nothing that is not ok. I learnt more that she has for us and how we respect her and other teachers and parents. I have learnt the school values and the respect and integrity that we need to have respect.
    I enjoyed the bully bull ring. I enjoyed it because all the animals were cool especially the hippie zebra which was my favourite character because it had sun glasses and it was just cool but weird.
    What I think didn’t work was the parent cyber bully thing. I think this because
    It was boring when the parents came in and there was nothing to show. It would’ve been better if we had a game to play or something else. All I had to show was things on the back door. I could tell that my mum was getting bored but that was the point, positive start program it was meant for the start of the year.
    Next year we should make the open night 3 or 4 weeks into the term so we have more work. We could have a maths game to play or a video to show on our netbooks. Also I think we could have more things in our books to show or a presentation.

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