Off to a positive start…

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our NGPS Open Night.

It was great to see mums, dads and students enjoying the opportunity to visit classrooms.

To my students…Well done! I loved listening to your ‘ tour guide’ commentaries.

I look forward to reading your reflections about the Positive Start Program….a first for New Gisborne Primary.

14 thoughts on “Off to a positive start…

  1. This year, for the first time, our school took part in the Positive Start program.
    I think the reason for this was to give our school and all the students a positive start. It was to also discuss all the same topics, and learn that we all have different strengths and weaknesses.
    I learnt that Mrs Kane has very high expectations of us and that she’s pretty strict. I also learnt a bit more about our school values. But one downside. Mrs Kane never stops talking on about her stories. Some of them are quite interesting but they go one forever. I also loved the bully bull ring.
    I think out of the whole first week I enjoyed the school open night and the team work game. This is because I love sport kind of games where you are doing things and the open night. I don’t really know I guess I just liked it.
    I think for a black hat we could probably be a bit more organised, like have all our things out before the open night and maybe make it go a bit longer cause we didn’t have enough time to show our parent’s our work.
    Last of all for the green hat I think our school could make it a little later in the year so we had way more to show our parents. Now I think I’ve covered everything well I kind of now I did. And that’s it from me for now.
    Thanks for reading my comment.   
    By Charlie.B

  2. This year at New Gisborne primary school, for the first time all the students took part in the Positive Start program which everyone takes part in for the first week of school. This is where every class learns about the same things.
    The purpose for this was to help us learn about being in a classroom community, look at our school values, our expectations, getting to know people, raise school spirit and respect each other.
    I learnt from this program about my different strengths and more about bullying. I also learnt my preferred learning styles, how to identify a SMART learning goal and write one, team building skills and what values our school has.
    The good things from the Positive Start program are that I learnt more about Mrs Kane and people that I don’t know. I enjoyed watching the bullying videos, making class lists and understanding our school values. I also enjoyed taking the multiple intelligence’s test.
    Some things that could have been done better are learning about one thing on one day and learning about another thing another day instead of learning about 5 things in one day. They also could have improved the open night because there was barley anything to show so you would see about 5 things and that’s it. We could have organised it better and could have done a presentation together or make some posters about bullying. Also the multiple intelligence’s quiz questions and answers weren’t that accurate and it was hard to answer some of the questions.
    Next year we could organise an open night at the end of the program so we could show some more work and things we have been doing in the classroom. At the open night we could play a game we created or read our parents a book we made. We could also do more on bullying and watch more videos. We could also do more on the school values and maybe make our own 5 values as a project.
    From Zara

  3. In 2014 for the first time all the students in New Gisborne Primary participated in the Positive Start Program. The meaning for this was………..
    Mr Low and Mrs Ash worth decided that we needed to start the school year with spirit and learn also talk about the behavior and qualities in the students, teachers, and also the community. We also worked a lot on our strengths, weaknesses, and our smart learning goals.
    Throughout the program I found out a few things I didn’t really know but I now realize. I found out that my smart learning goal was to work my best and give myself positive talk. I also found out that my greatest intelligence is music by completing the multiple intelligence’s survey. And lastly I found out the expectations for teachers and student. A really important thing that I learnt was bullying and how to work in a team which was also really interesting. We made lists looked at different parts of respect and reflected on team work and bullying. In bullying we watched the bully bull ring act which was hilarious .Mrs Kane goes on and on about her stories and they last forever and sometimes they take up our time.
    The most interesting and enjoyable part of the program for myself was completing the multiple intelligence’s survey and finding out my biggest strength, Music.
    The part of the program that I thought we could have improved on was the open night. Even though I wasn’t there we should have organised it earlier and then did the night later. There also should have been a presentation, scripts and much more to show.
    My ideas for next year are we could play a maths game with our parents or read to them. We could also ask them questions or organised our desks differently. These are my suggestions so we could use them for next year.
    From Grace. 🙂

  4. This year, to begin with, all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program.

    The purpose of this was to implement superior partnerships amongst teachers and students to begin the year.

    The information that I got from the program is that I identified my top three strengths and learned how to use smart art while I did it, and my SMART learning behaviour. Mrs Kane never stops talking she goes on and on and on forever!

    My top three strengths worked out stunningly and the SMART Learning Behaviours were also really good but, I liked my strengths more than writing the SMART Learning Behaviour goal.

    I think it was a bit too early in the year we didn’t have enough work to show them. We had some work to show them but not enough! So hopefully we can do it at the end of February.

    An idea for next year is to make the parents do a test about their strengths, and a game that makes people learn about other people to make superior partnerships amongst others.

    By Angus 5A

  5. For the first time in 2014 our school is working on the Positive Start Program, and everyone is taking part in it.

    When I was working I was successful on my Smart Learning Goal, it was asking questions when needed, and also being aware that the work needs to be explained again. Now here is some work that I have done.
    . My Goal
    . My 3 strengths
    . Readers note book
    . Locker tubs
    . Labels for the class library
    . Bully Bull Ring/ that was an incursion
    And much more But if there are good things there are bad things, when I tried to print the printer was not working so I printed on Mrs Kane’s computer. I have a couple of ideas for next year they are.
    . They should have given us sometime to do more work for the open night.
    . I think they could have a maths game for us to play.
    . Better organised so my parents don’t have to wait.

  6. This year for the first time all the students in our school took part in the positive start program. The reason for this was to getting to know everyone as a group and other students in the school.
    During the program I learnt new things like don’t copy other people. Do not distract others from there learning and always work to your best. Another thing I learnt was to follow the conversation. We also learnt about Smart Art, learning goals and our school values.
    I enjoyed learning about myself and the Bully Bull Ring play. The Bully Bull Ring play was very funny and it worked really well.
    The thing that didn’t work well is they could have given us more time to do more work.
    Maybe next year they could give us more time to get work done. There was not much to show to the parents at the open night.

  7. This year, for the first time, all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start program.
    The reason for this was to build our school spirit. Also for being a better community, And to respecting each other.
    Some of the things that I learned were to do a smart learning goal. I also learned how to use smart art on a word document. I learned to use my time well and stay on task for when we did our covers for the readers note books. I thought that I did that task really well. I liked doing the 3 strengths that was fun. My 3 strengths are running, netball and being good with animals. I also liked to the class library labels we got to make them in our own design. They were all different. I loved the maths games. I liked Greedy Pig, The Place Vale Game and Make 1,000!!!
    I really enjoyed seeing the play (Bulling Bull Ring). The characters were funny. I loved the songs and the voices of the characters were funny too. And just thae whole play. I learned that that bye doing the online survey I worked out what I am good at. I thought that the bulling pretention worked well for the kids and the parents. I think we should have waited longer before we did the presentation I think it was too early into the year. And maybe next year get set up better.

  8. Hi Mrs Kane,

    This year, for the first time, at New Gisborne Primary, all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program.
    We implemented the Positive Start Program because we could learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
    I learnt that everybody gets along better and works well together when we know each other more. This is what the Positive Start program helped us do. I learnt some other things that I didn’t know about other people by looking at their strengths. I also learnt about my weakness and set a goal to improve it. I learnt other people’s weaknesses as well, and how they will solve their weakness with a Smart Learning goal.
    What did I enjoy? That’s a really hard question because who really enjoys working? Then I wonder… what did I do besides work, work, work and more work for the Positive Start Program… I know! There was this event called the bully bull ring. It was this kind of play, which was really good until they changed costumes. They just went to the back and changed and went back up on stage again while the other person entertains the crowd.
    A thing that didn’t work for me was that we never really did a lot of paraphernalia to learn more about each other.
    I think we could have played more games to make the first week more fun. I also think we could have done more activities that made the class work together more. I would have also changed the range of things you could choose to be a Smart Learning goal.

  9. Mrs Kane,

    This year, for the first time, the teachers, parents and students had taken part in the Positive Start Program.

    The program was implemented to our school to get to know our school and students in the class better. I think the Positive Start Program was a good idea because we have got a chance to bring our parents into the classroom to show what we have done so far in the class. We also implemented the Positive Start Program into the school for teachers, parents and even students to create a relationship.

    In the Positive Start Program I have learnt that Mrs Kane came get really strict when something needs to be done, how to use Smart Art, what Peers mean, all types of meanings of the word team (and how to problem solve printing my Smart Learning Behaviour Goal!!).

    At the Schools Open Night last Thursday I really enjoyed showing my mum and dad around the classroom and around the school on what we are working on. Some of the things we are doing throughout the school are:
    • Playing the teamwork Raft Game in the Gym on Mondays with our teachers
    • Doing the Bully Bull Ring

    I do not think it was a good idea to do the School Opening Night so close to the start of the year because there was nothing much to share and my parents only stayed for about 10 minutes at the Open Night because there was nothing to share.

    A good idea for next time would be to have the Parents Opening Night later on in the year. I also think it would be a good idea to be organised with a script for our presentation, to our Parents.


  10. This year, for the first time, the students in our school have taken part in the Positive Start Program.


    The program was implemented to our school to create a relationship between teachers, parents and students. I feel that Mrs Kane has been funny and strict during our sessions. During this program Mrs Kane has been really bossy and uptight about our class (5A) getting work finished/completed. Mrs Kane never stops telling us stories about her and her family.

    Luckily I have learned some things along the lines of this program. I have learned how to use Smart Art. To get to it you get a word document up on your computer/something mechanical, click insert and along the bar at the top the will be a Green Arrow and underneath it, it will say Smart Art.
    I have also learned how to write my Three Strengths and my Learning Goals.


    I’ve enjoyed maths last week and this week because we got to play Greedy Pig, Make 1000 and Place Value Track Game. I loved Greedy Pig because I personally think it was the most enthusiastic and entertaining. I also enjoyed Make 1000 because it is a take a risk, take a chance game. Mostly I enjoyed playing the Teamwork Raft Game. It was very fun but unfortunately we kept loosing. It was great anyway.


    I don’t think it was a good idea to make the Parent Open Night so early in the year because we haven’t done much work and my parents only stayed for 5 minutes because I didn’t have much to show them.


    I think, next year, we could make the parent open night later in the year because then we could have more work to show our parents. The Open Night was also disorganised because the students didn’t have a script or anything to say to our parents.

    I also think we could have made the maths games a little harder because I like games to be more challenging.


  11. This year for the first time, all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program.
    The reason for this was to get the parents, Teachers and students to know each.
    I learnt how to use smart art and use a personal organiser. I also learnt how to make a smart learning behaviour goal and now I know my top 3 strengths.
    I enjoyed the bully bull ring and making my smart learning behaviour goal.
    Mrs Kane was nearly killing me with instructions.
    For the Green Hat thinking… we could the open night later in the year.

  12. Dear Mrs Kane,

    For the first time in New Gisborne Primary School’s past every single classroom took part in the Positive Start Program. The purpose of this was to present, at the same time, effective learning partnerships between teachers and students to start the year with a bang. Some things that I got out of the program are identifying my top three strengths, how to write a SMART learning goal, and that Mrs Kane pesters endlessly about what she expects from us. The best material that I would remember the most were the humorous accents and acting in the Bully Bull Ring show. I really was entertained by the zebra with Jamaican accent. I also quite enjoyed the crowd involvement. In my perspective it was a great start to the year. I thought that everything worked very well. An idea for next year is that we could have done the open night a little later in the year. Then we can astonish our parents with lots of more work.


  13. This year, for the first time, all the students in our school took part in the Positive Start Program.
    The reason for this was because the teachers and children wanted to know what to expect of each other and what’s going to be happening for the term.
    By doing this I learnt how to write a smart learning goal. I also found out what Mrs Kane expects from me and the rest of the class. I learnt what my 3 strengths.
    I also really enjoined the team game in the gym think it worked really well. I also enjoined showing my parents around the classroom and showing them the work I have done so far.
    I think we could have the open night later on in the term because I didn’t have much to show my parents.
    For next time think we could have the open night later on in term so we could have more things to show them

  14. Positive start program
    This year, for the first time, all the students in our school took part in the positive start program.
    The reason for this is because they wanted to do a new thing for the year and to meet new people, there are all so what to do this is because we want to do a positive start program.
    What I learnt was how to work smart art for my three strengths and that is good for creating things with
    I enjoyed the mat moving race and vs the different classes in 5C and 5B it was so much fun the mat race was so good that it is the number three thing I have do in my life it’s the best.
    It was so bad to write all the things on the board when we were doing the bully bull ring it was really hard for me.
    I am going to try to be more organised for next year for the open night. + To go in the class room because I was really nerves this year and it was a long time for me to get in the class room.

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