‘…from all the lands on Earth we come.’

Welcome to our Inquiry Learning focus for Term 1.
As part of a homework task this week , you have been asked to delve into your  family’s immigration  history… to find out the when, from where, how, when and why.

I look forward to hearing the stories you will share in class tomorrow.

 I’d like to know…what have you learnt so far?

What would you like to investigate further?

18 thoughts on “‘…from all the lands on Earth we come.’

  1. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I have learnt lots about my family and other class mates histories but I thought that my history was actually very interesting because I didn’t actually know I was part Royal on my mum’s side of the family. This all happened because one of my relatives on my mum’s side fell in love and married a gardener. I thought that was pretty cool actually.

    I would like to investigate more about me and this Royalty thing and also see if I can find out if any other relatives of mine came from other countries other than England.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Talk to you soon,

    • Hayley,
      thank you for your great comment. And yes, it would be pretty cool to be related to royalty.
      Next week we will be delving deeper into the why, how and when of your family’s immigration history. There is nothing to prevent you from continuing the search for other relatives and their country of origin though.

      Thankyou again Hayley,
      Mrs Kane

  2. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I have learnt quite a few interesting facts about my family’s immigration history. For example, my grandfather on my dad’s side was born during WWII of Turkish parents. On my mum’s side my great great great great grandfather was also named Joseph.

    I would like to investigate further about the history of my relatives on my dad’s side. On my mum’s side I would like to know about the Cornish history of the Nancarrows (Mum’s maiden name).

    Kind Regards,


    • Hello Joseph,
      I think investigating your Cornish family history would be great. The next stage of our investigation however, will ask you to think more globally.
      A question might be …Why did people from Cornwall leave their homeland to travel to…. in … Oh and I’m sure with every answer more questions will surface!
      Mrs Kane.

  3. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I have learnt so much on this topic. I learnt that the only reason my great, great grandfather Francis Long came to Australia because one of his aunts was already established in country Victoria. His other 4 siblings went to America. I would like to investigate further who the first immigrants were because it could have been the first fleet or the aboriginals because the aboriginals must have come from somewhere.
    From Zara:)

    • Hello Zara,
      I think this would be a great inquiry question for you to pursue. It is one of Australian history’s big mysteries. Good luck with this. Hopefully you will team up with one or two other students to find your answers. You will have to be creative to find what you are looking for.
      Mrs Kane

  4. Hallo (hello) Mrs Kane,

    Ik was geintreseerd in mijn familie geschiedenis.
    (I was interested in my family history).
    I found out the name of the boat (The Fair Sea), that my dad had once sailed, with his family on to get from The Netherlands to Australia.

    I also found out about some people that I didn’t even know about until we brought up (familie geschiedenis) family history in class.

    I would like to find more about my mums family history because I don’t know much about it at the moment.

    I hope I have covered all of the important points in this homework task.

    Kindest regards,

    • Emma,
      great work. Your comment demonstrates that you have a great deal of effort into both the research last week and the detail into your comment.
      You will be delving deeper this week.
      Mrs Kane.

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I was fascinated with what I found out. My grandmother came by boat from Latvia when she was a little girl because of the war. She was sent to a Refugee camp in Germany.
    I would like to find out if my family were successful in any. But i did find out that my Gran’s father was a European champion wrestler. Also Gran’s husband was successful with AFL and chose not to join the Essendon bombers!
    Kind regards Andrejs.

    • Hello Andrejs,
      Thank you for your detailed comment.
      I will be giving you the opportunity to research further the circumstances that led to your Gran leaving Germany.
      I’ll look forward to hearing about what you learn.
      Mrs Kane

      • Hi Mrs Kane,
        So far in this investigation on our family history it has been interesting so far. I would like to
        investigate further on how many people are in our family’s or how many immigrated from different countries. It was really surprising to hear that there was a prince (Robert the Bruce). I cant wait to hear more about peoples family’s and share my stories. See you at school From Grace 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hello Grace,
          I am wondering what your research group’s inquiry will be about. This will make more sense after we have discussed this in class.
          Mrs Kane

  6. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I have learnt that my family were among the first immigrants to come to Australia in the 1850s. and that I am a 5th generation Australian, and I found that was very interesting. I also found out that my family was very poor and that most people from England came to Australia for a better life, and people still come for a better life in Australia today.

    I would also like to investigate further about what life was like back in the 1850s and also life on the ships.

    I hope you enjoy reading my comment,
    Kind Regards

    • Wow…I really love the fact that you are already thinking about ‘delving deeper’ in such detail.
      You will be given the opportunity to find out as much as you can and present your findings as a video, audio recording and much more.
      Mrs Kane.

  7. Dear Mir Kane

    I learnt that most people migrated from the U.K.
    I did not know that Oceania is different islands. And I all so did not know my great great great grand fathers name was William.

    I would like to investigate why he came here and where he arrived in Australia.

  8. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I really never learned much about my family in this activity because I was already born when I came here to Australia. The only thing that I really learned was why my family had chose to start a new life here in Australia, rather than going back to Singapore and continuing our life back there with all our family and friends.
    I hope this is enough for this comment Mrs Kane.
    From: Tim.

    • Hello Tim,
      I appreciate that, in your case, your immigration history is not a long one…immigration to Australia that is.
      I would like to know what other migrations, past generations of your family, have made.
      Or, as you think, your entire family have lived their lives in Singapore.
      Is this true? OR Do you need to dig deeper?

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